Bahadur becomes the first browser to integrate native peer-to-peer IPFS protocols

The privacy-focused browser has become the first to incorporate native support for the Brave Interplanetary File System (IPFS) protocol. IPFS is a lesser-known, peer-to-peer transport protocol designed to operate as a decentralized storage system. The IPFS protocol – unlike HTTP or HTTPS – allows users to access decentralized or censored content on the web. IPFS integration comes with the latest browser desktop version 1.19. This integration will allow brave desktop users to access IPFS URLs directly through a browser without installing extensions.

The company took to its blog to announce the rollout of IPFS in its latest Brave desktop version 1.19. After updating to the latest browser version, brave users can use decentralized web content as an IPF by entering the URL: // {content_hash_ID}. The update brings native support for IPFS, and no extensions will be required to use URLs that begin with ipfs: // moving forward.

The company wrote in its blog, “Integrating IPFS gives brave users a much better browsing experience, increases content availability, reduces content costs from content publishers and improves overall Internet flexibility.” is.

In more practical terms, Bahadur’s new IPFS native integration will allow users to bypass national firewalls and access content that may be blocked in their region for several reasons. Only hosted content over IPFS can be accessed.

“Today, web users around the world are unable to access restricted content, for example, parts of Wikipedia in Thailand, over 100,000 blocked websites in Turkey, and significant access to COVID-19 in China. Now anyone with an internet connection can access this important information on the Brave Browser through IPFS, ”said Molly McKinley, Project Lead in IPL.

Bahadur claims to have 24 million monthly active users. Bravo, CTO and co-founder of Bahadur, stated, “We are thrilled to be the first browser to offer a native IPFS integration with today’s Brave desktop browser release. Providing Bahadur’s 1 million + verified content creators to serve content natively through a new and secure protocol for millions of new users worldwide, making IPFS users the central point of failure for content access Solution to the problem of centralized servers. Integrating IPFS open-source networks is an important milestone in making the web more transparent, decentralized and flexible. “

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