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Bajaj Auto is now going to do something big in the electric two wheeler segment, find out now



After jumping into the two-wheeler electric segment of companies like Okinawa, Ather, TVS, Hero, now Bajaj Auto will also enter this segment. It is preparing to launch its first electric scooter in the market to compete with these companies. Looking at the customer demand in the electrical segment, now this company’s eyes are also open. This company started working in this segment but now according to the new update the company may soon launch its first electric scooter in the market.

It is also said that the electric scooter that the company will launch will also have strong features. After the arrival of this news, there was a stir among people, especially since some of its features were leaked. Bajaj Auto is one of the best two wheeler manufacturers in India. Bajaj Auto has patented the Dynamo, Technica and Technica brand names along with three additional names for the domestic market. While Bajaj Auto’s Dynamo name has received official reviews. And Technica currently holds the approved and advertised position in the market. These names are registered in Class 12 of the market analysis list, which includes three- and four-wheelers as well as conventional petrol two-wheelers.

what is the meaning of their name

The term “dynamo” refers to an electrical generator that produces direct current through an element known as a commutator. This system converts mechanical energy from rotation into electrical energy. The Bajaj Dynamo moniker can be used for both the new ICE platform and the electric vehicle platform, excluding the electric two-wheelers. Bajaj Auto has already said that the firm will focus on the range of both petrol and electric cars. The Chetak electric scooter manufactured by the company is now available for sale in India. It is also working with Yulu to make a new scooter. This new EV will be introduced by the end of 2022. After that, Bajaj Auto is preparing to introduce several additional electric vehicles under the Chetak brand.

what is planning for the future

Many electric motorcycles and scooters will be launched in India this year. Some companies simultaneously register new names to strengthen their market presence. This month, Bajaj Auto also introduced a new motorcycle called Bajaj Dynamo in the same sequence. Whether it will be an electric or gasoline motorcycle is hard to predict at the moment. Bajaj Auto uses the name Bajaj Dynamo for registration. Auto experts believe that this could be Bajaj’s first electric motorcycle.

In the coming years, Bajaj will focus more on its ICE and EV product lines. Also, your business needs to take the EV market more seriously. Bajaj now only offers the Chetak electric scooter. Along with the Yulu, Bajaj is now working on a new EV that is expected to go on sale later this year. It will not be available for sale in the retail sector as Chetak. Yulu will only use it for its technologically advanced mobility platform.

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