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Bajaj Dynamo Registered Name – New Motorcycle or Electric Scooter?



The latest model that the Bajaj company has added is the Dynamo. Although the name has reached the stage of “Passing Formality Check”, it has not received final approval. The name is registered in class 12, which includes ICE two-wheelers, electric vehicles as well as three-wheelers.

Although OEMs regularly introduce new names, not every nameplate makes it to the production stage. Still, it’s a good strategy because there’s no last-minute approach for a catchy brand name. OEMs often register several brand names so that they can choose the most appropriate one when product development and production plans are finalized.

The term “dynamo” is usually associated with a device that converts rotational mechanical energy into electrical energy. Since it is about electricity, it is possible that the Bajaj Dynamo has something to do with an electric vehicle. However, considering how products get their names, Dynamo doesn’t stand out as an appropriate name. This would be more appropriate if used for a component or system, for example a new ICE platform or EV drivetrain. Patent registration class 12 covers all such possibilities.

Dynamo is also used to describe someone who is energetic and enthusiastic, eg an energetic person. In this sense, the Bajaj Dynamo nameplate can be used for any type of vehicle, irrespective of the type of drivetrain. It can be used for new electric commercial vehicle which is for B2B and B2C delivery. It can also be an electric tricycle.

With not much information available at the moment, it’s hard to say exactly what Bajaj has planned for the Dynamo nameplate. Also, no new vehicle has been spotted recently to potentially carry this new name. In general, it can be said that the dynamo is more likely to be associated with electric vehicles.

Upcoming Bajaj Bikes

Bajaj will continue to focus on both its ICE and EV portfolios in the coming years. Of course, more efforts are needed on the EV front as Bajaj currently only has the Chetak electric scooter. Bajaj is currently working with Yulu on the development of an all-new EV, which is expected to be launched later this year. It will not be retailed as Chetak. It will be used exclusively by Yulu for its technology-driven mobility platform.

For consumers, Bajaj plans to expand the Chetak portfolio to include new products as well as new sub-brands. For example, there are plans to launch a Pulsar electric motorcycle. Bajaj is also working with KTM and Husqvarna to develop its electric two-wheelers.

As the Chetak has proved its mettle in the domestic market, Bajaj plans to launch it in overseas markets as well. ASEAN markets can be targeted first as they have higher sales of electric two-wheelers.

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