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Battleground Mobile India Diwali Offer Gets Game Credits, Lucky Spins, & Much More



Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Crafton has announced new Diwali offers that bring in-game credits – UC – and other rewards for players. Players will get additional UC when purchasing in-game credits. They’ll also get additional benefits in the form of lucky spins, which will give them new outfits, helmets, emotes, and more. UC can also be used to purchase these above items directly from the in-game store. These in-game offers for the free-to-play battle royale game are a part of Battleground Mobile India’s Diwali celebrations.

The Diwali offer for Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced through a post on Facebook. Crafton will offer additional UC to players who purchase the in-game credit bundle. The basic pack with 60 UC costs Rs. 89. For Rs. 449, players will get 300 UC and 25 bonus UC. Similarly, players will get 600 UC + 60 Bonus UC for Rs. 899, 1500 UC + 300 Bonus UC for Rs. 2,099, 3,000 UC + 850 Bonus UC for Rs. 4,199, and 6,000 UC + 2,100 Bonus UC for Rs. 8,500. UCs can be purchased by clicking on the UC icon in the Main Menu.

As mentioned, Craften will also offer players additional benefits in lucky spins. Players will get the Nether Aristo Set, Pumpkin Cavalier Set, Pumpkin Cavalier Cover, Mecha Reaper Set, Bonds of Blood Set and Mecha Bruiser set from Lucky Spin for a limited period of time. Additionally, Crafton has announced discounts on lucky spins. The first draw of the day will cost 10 uC instead of 80 uC and the draw 10 will cost 540 uC instead of 800 uc.

Players of Battleground Mobile India can also win Lucky Coins with Lucky Spin. This currency can then be used to purchase the aforementioned cosmetics from the in-game store.


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