Cheapest Laptop: Get Reliance JioBook home for just Rs 759, this is the way

Cheapest Laptop: Get Reliance JioBook home for just Rs 759, this is the way

If you want to carry a laptop at home and are put off by its expensive price, then Reliance Jio can get you very cheap. Reliance has launched laptops at the lowest price. So far only available to government officials, this laptop has now been released to the general public. Launched under the name Reliance Jiobook, you can get this laptop for home for Rs.759. Tell us what you need to do about it.

Reliance JioBook Laptop deal price is Rs 15,799. If you buy it on EMI, it can cost you Rs 759 per month. You can buy it with your credit card. Reliance has made it available on no cost EMI as well. That is, even though you have done EMI, you will get the same price as when you buy it in cash.

Now let’s talk about the features and specifications of this model. This laptop has an 11.6 inch HD screen which looks very smooth and bright like a smartphone. Built-in heat and noise control technology has also been used in the Jiobook. Its battery provides more than 8 hours of operation.

Reliance JioBook does not have Windows or Linux operating system, rather it comes with its own Jio operating system. Supports Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE network. It also comes with two USB ports. Along with this, a 2.0 MP webcam is also provided for video calling. The laptop comes with 2 GB of RAM. In this, the storage can be made up to 32 GB. If you want, you can increase it to 128 GB.

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