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Facebook bans the sale of Amazon rainforest protection zones on its apps



Facebook said on Friday it would stop allowing the sale of land in Amazon rainforest conservation areas through the social network or its Instagram and WhatsApp services markets.

The announcement came as Facebook defended itself against allegations that it has long turned a profit on social gains, and some people online questioned why it allowed the sale of precious rainforest land in the first place.

The online social network said in a post, “We are updating our commerce policies to expressly prohibit the purchase or sale of any type of land in ecological protection areas on our commerce products on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. “

“Protected areas are critical to the conservation of habitats and ecosystems and critical to tackling the global nature crisis.”

Facebook focused the announcement on the Amazon rainforest, saying it planned to ramp up the effort.

Facebook said it would review listings on its online marketplace against an official database of protected areas and block listings for sale of land there.

“Wait, was this something going on?” Read a tweeted reply by Facebook sharing the announcement on its verified Twitter account.

The company said land sales in conservation areas take place on other platforms and offline, but Facebook is working to prevent that from happening in its family of apps.


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