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GeoDown trend on Twitter, many users are reporting issues on DownDetector



JioDown is trending on Twitter today, just a day after a massive Facebook outage that took WhatsApp offline for nearly seven hours late on Monday. Although five Reliance Jio users on Gadgets 360 were able to use their connections normally, there are around 4,000 reports of problems with Jio connections on the internet outage tracker DownDetector, and are increasing rapidly. Looking at the data from DownDetector, the issues began to appear around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, and peaked in about an hour.

As you can see on DownDetector, there has been a sharp increase in reported issues with Jio, which indicates that there may be a real issue with connectivity, as almost half of the reports say there is no connectivity. The problem is quite widespread, with reports around Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Indore and Raipur, according to the maps that DownDetector reports.

Outage report on Reliance Jio
photo credit: screenshot / Down Detector

It can also be seen on Twitter with the hashtag geodown Trending today – and many users even quoted Reliance Jio’s tweet about the Facebook outage, where Jio was tweeted That “this is not the internet”.

Gadgets 360 has written to Reliance Jio to know more, and we will update this article once we get a response.


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