Google Bookmarks will shut down on September 30, will not affect browser bookmarks

Google Bookmarks will be completely shut down on 30 September. A banner has been put up on the Google Bookmarks website mentioning that the service will no longer be supported by Google after the date mentioned. The service has not been used by many users since it was introduced in 2005. Notably, Google has also mentioned that users’ browser bookmarks and starred locations on Google Maps will not be affected by being turned off on Google Bookmarks. These bookmarks can be saved externally if needed.

The closure of the Google Bookmarks service was noticed by Killed by Google and share on Twitter. When visiting a bookmarking website, Google displays a message that states “After September 30, 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported.” It also mentions that users can save their bookmarks by clicking “Export Bookmarks”. Go here to see if you have any bookmarks saved.

The Google Bookmarks service was pretty advanced for the time it was launched in 2005. It provided a cloud storage service for users to save their bookmarks – notes and labels – which helps in searching and sorting the data saved on the website. Additionally, there was also a JavaScript-powered bookmarklet that lets users quickly and easily save bookmarks from the browser.

If users find a ton of data on the Google Bookmarks website that they haven’t saved, it’s possible that the data is stored by the Maps app. There is also the possibility that Google is synchronizing or partially storing Google Maps data on the website. Notably, only starred locations from Google Maps have been stored on the website.

It’s also worth noting that users’ Maps data won’t be destroyed as a Google spokesperson confirmed that “Starred places in Google Maps aren’t going anywhere. All your starred places are intact, and you’ll still be able to save places.” You always have a to-do list.”

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