Google Chrome Global Media Control in Trial

Google is reportedly testing music controls for its Chrome browser and Chrome OS, which allows users to control music or video playback in the background. Google is updating the music control to add a controlled bar and album art or video playing to the background or background of the song. There has been no official confirmation from Google about the new features but it is expected that it will be released with a v.91 update to Chrome which may be released by the end of May 2021.

The new feature by Google was posted on Reddit by u / Leopeva64-2 and was first spotted by Android Police. The new look is reportedly hidden behind a flag, which can be activated below Chrome: // flags / # global-media-control-modern-ui. The biggest additions to music control are scrubbing bars and background art for music or video. The changes are the same on both the Chrome browser and Chrome OS, where users can pin the music player between the phone hub and the byte on the taskbar.

It may release with Chrome 91 but until then, it can be experienced on Chrome Canary.

At the end of last month, Google announced that it would begin testing Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) as an alternative to cookies on its Chrome browser. FLoC is an essential part of its privacy sandbox project for Chrome. FLoC runs locally and classifies a user’s browsing behavior by grouping like-minded users together in a peer. This will enable people to hide in large groups of people with similar interests and discover history.

Additionally, the search giant also announced in March that the Chrome 89 update for Android would increase performance and use fewer resources, launch faster, as well as boot 13 percent faster than before. Google has employed ‘freeze dried tabs’ and claims from the first session that the tab will load quickly. In addition, Google has employed PartitionAlloc on Android as well as 64-bit Windows that is optimized for latency, space efficiency, and security.

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