Google I / O 2021: How to Watch Livestream, Key Time, What to Expect?

The Google I / O 2021 Livestream is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 18. The search giant has decided to host a virtually annual event this year after canceling its previous year’s version due to an outbreak of coronaviruses. Historical records show that while Google I / O aims for developers to create new apps and accessories based on Google’s technologies, I / O keynotes have become a consumer show. Google can follow that pattern and host this year’s keynote with announcements ranging from a new Android OS version to some new updates for Wear OS and Google Assistant. California-based company Mountain View may also unveil its new Pixel smartphone as the keynote speaker, though it will be available for sale in some markets later this year.

How to watch Google I / O 2021 livestreams in India and around the world, time

Google I / O 2021 will take place between 18 May and 20 May, and will begin with a keynote speech scheduled for 10am PT (10:30 pm IST). The keynote speaker and the entire three-day event will be livestreamed through Google’s social media channels. You can also watch it live from the video embedded below.

Upon registering for the event, developers will be able to watch live sessions and participate in virtual workshops that will begin to follow the keynote address. There will be special sessions on topics like Android, Google Play, Progressive Web Apps, Google Assistant, Chrome OS, Google Pay, ARCore, Material Design and Smart Home. Google has provided details about sessions and workshops on a dedicated I / O website.

What to expect in Google I / O 2021

Like its previous steps, Google has maintained silence on what we can expect at its I / O 2021 event. However, CEO Sundar Pichai suggested during an earnings call from Google parent Alphabet in late April that some “important product updates and announcements” would be a part of the virtual conference.

Android 12

Android 12 I / O 2021 may be the biggest announcement. Google has already released three developer previews of the operating system, which it announced earlier this year as an update to Android 11. Details available on Grapevine suggested that Android 12 could come with features such as a redesigned notification panel and a new conversation widget on the homescreen to notify users about messages and calls from contacts. The new version is also expected to include features including AVIF image format support and a better picture-in-picture experience for video.

Google is also expected to include an app hibernation feature on Android 12 to improve privacy and offer customized storage. The new operating system will respond to the developer’s concerns about Google’s commissions through its Play Store in-app payments by enhancing the experience of the third-party App Store. In addition, Google can enable Google Assistant to be synced using the power button on Android phones. This can happen in the same way that iPhone users can activate Apple’s Siri on newer models.

Better Google Assistant

Google Assistant is also expected to receive some major updates, which are expected to be announced at this year’s I / O event. Google has reported on its developer blog that some “new product announcements” and “feature updates” are coming to the show. Some leaked screenshots have also revealed a new, colorful interface.

Additionally, Google Assistant is likely to get some features specifically aimed at enhancing the smart home experience. However, Google is not expected to announce any new smart home products at the event.

New wear os

This year’s Google I / O is also expected to get some new features for Wear OS, formerly called Android Wear. The changes can be designed to counter Apple’s watchOS and may include some special treatments for fitness enthusiasts. Google already has Fitbit which can help improve Wear OS with new fitness features. The changes could also make room for Google’s in-house smartwatch called the Pixel Watch and take a premium design to take over the Apple Watch. In addition, Samsung is projected to drop its Tizen operating system and unveil its Wear OS-based smartwatch, which may be announced at the Google I / O 2021 event.

Hardware announcements

Google generally refrains from making lists of hardware announcements at its I / O shows. However, it is likely that the company may unveil its Pixel Buds A-Series Truly Wireless (TWS) stereo earbuds and Pixel 5a smartphone at this year’s event. Details about Pixel Buds A-series earbuds were accidentally leaked by Google earlier this month. The company also confirmed the existence of the Pixel 5a 5G through a statement that suggested its launch in August. But Google may unveil the phone as the keynote speaker.



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