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Google search improvements widened, Google Lens will reach new users via Chrome and iOS apps



Google Search is getting smarter by deploying a proprietary Multitask Unified Model (MUM). At its Search On event on Wednesday, Mountain View, California-based company announced a series of upcoming updates to Google Search that will take advantage of MUM to enhance the user experience. Google is also rolling out a redesigned search page for users where it will use artificial intelligence and MUM to deliver in-depth results on a variety of topics. Users will also get a new experience by searching the video on the search engine. This will bring the related video into a particular video. Additionally, Google announced Address Maker which largely uses open-source Plus code to provide working addresses. The Google app on iOS is also getting an update with Google Lens integration. Google is also updating Chrome with Google Lens support.

One of the biggest changes MUM is bringing to Google Search is the ability to search for results, both visual and text, simultaneously. At the Search On event, Google showed that MUM is enabling Google Lens to allow users to search for visuals by adding their queries to the text. For example, you’ll be able to get results on how to fix your bike by capturing an image of its broken part using Google Lens.

Google is using MUM to allow users to search for visuals by adding their questions to text
photo credit: google

Similarly, you can take pictures of them through Google Lens and look for something that is difficult to describe precisely with words. In such cases all you need to do is tap on the lens icon to see the result.

Google rolled out this update by taking a picture of a shirt and asking search engines to find the same pattern, but on socks.

“By combining images and text into a single query, we’re making it easier to search visually and express our queries in a more natural way,” the company said.

These new search capabilities are currently under use, although Google said users will be able to experience them in the coming months.

google lens visual text search update google search google lens google

Google demonstrates how advanced search will work using visual and text queries
photo credit: google

Google also announced a redesigned search page that will use AI and MUM advancements to provide more natural results. will bring up a section called Redesigning things to know To give in-depth results about new topics. The new section will show links to content you won’t see on regular search results.

The redesigned Google Search page will allow users to refine and expand their searches. For example, if a user is looking for acrylic painting, the features to refine the searches will show specific techniques such as puddles or art classics that you can take to learn about new skills. Similarly, the detailed search option will let you broaden your search query with related topics like other painting methods and famous painters.

Google did not provide a timeline on the release of these features, although it did mention that users will start getting these features in the coming months. MUM was first announced at Google I/O earlier this year.

Users on Google Search will also be able to see visually rich pages where articles, images and videos will be available under a single page. This new page is already live and you can try it out by searching for “halloween decorating ideas” or “indoor vertical garden ideas”.

Google is also stepping up video searches on its site by bringing a related videos section. The company said the new experience will identify related topics in a video, with links to let users easily dig deeper on a specific query to learn more about it — without having to go through multiple search queries.

In addition to simply taking cues from video results’ titles and metadata, Google said it will use MUM to show related topics in video results, even if they weren’t explicitly mentioned in the first video. It will be rolling out in English in the coming weeks, and more visual enhancements will reach users over the next few months.

Existence about this result Google is also getting an update on Search with information about the source, what others have said, and more information about the topic. These changes will be available in English in the US in the coming weeks.

Google is also updating its native app for iOS users with a Lens mode – the same way it provided Lens integration on its Android app. This will let you search for purchaseable images and scenes. Initially, Google Lens integration will be limited to users in the US.

In addition to the Google app for iOS, Google is also bringing its Lens integration to the Chrome browser on desktop. This will allow you to select images, videos and text content on the website so that you can have your additional information in the same tab – without leaving the page you are surfing. This update will be available to users around the world in the next few months.

Google is also rolling out a more shoppable search experience, giving users a visual feed of products like apparel and home decor items, along with information like local stores, style guides and videos. It is currently limited to the US and is powered by Google’s Shopping Graph, which is claimed to be a real-time dataset of products, inventory and merchants with over 24 billion listings.

Google Shopping Experience Updates Google Search Google

Google is making it easier for users to shop for new products using its advanced search
photo credit: google

For its users in the US and select markets including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, Google is also rolling out an ‘in stock’ filter that allows specific items Help finding stores near you.

With the Google Search update, Google Maps is getting a wildfire layer to inform users about wildfire information. It is based on satellite data and will include emergency websites, phone numbers and evacuation information from local governments to help users. Wildfire Layer will be available to Google Maps users worldwide on Android, iOS and desktop starting this October.

Google is also bringing Tree Canopy Insights to more than 100 cities around the world, including Guadalajara, London, Sydney and Toronto, during the first half of 2022. The Tree Canopy Tool was first used last year in Los Angeles. It uses aerial imagery and AI capabilities to identify locations that are at greatest risk of experiencing rapidly rising temperatures. The company said the tool will help local governments have free access to insights about planting trees to increase shade and reduce heat over time.

Additionally, Google is using Plus codes to help people provide addresses to businesses using its new tool called Address Maker. The company said the tool helped less-addressed communities get through in just a few weeks.

google address maker image google address maker

Google’s Address Maker Plus is based on codes, which help assign addresses to the general public
photo credit: google

Google has created an Address Maker app to help local governments and NGOs create addresses using Plus codes. The app is available for download through Google Play for approved organizations, and it allows them to create work areas to address; Assign new work areas; Connect streets, alleys, alleys and paths; and generate and validate plus code addresses for properties.

Originally, Google developed Address Maker to bring addresses to underserved communities in Kolkata, India. However, it has also been used by governments and NGOs in The Gambia, South Africa, Kenya and the US, the company said.

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