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Google will host the Search and AI program on February 8, and new AI models will be discussed




Google has announced that it is hosting a search and AI event on Wednesday, February 8. The company is gearing up to take on ChatGPT and other AI competitors as a result of this event. The 40-minute program will be broadcast on YouTube on February 8 at 8:30 am.

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Google will highlight its recent work in the field of artificial intelligence at this event, which will be held on Wednesday. At the event, Google will talk about several aspects, such as how “using AI to make information more accessible to people. We all know that Google is used to search for any information in the country and abroad. In the upcoming event, Google will shed light on making these features more natural and intuitive. It is even speculated that Google is also planning to include chatbots like ChatGPT in its search engine here.

The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced on a conference call that Google will begin work on testing AI-based large language models like LaMDA AI in the “coming weeks and months.” These LLMs can be used as “search companions,” he added. That conference call took place after the company’s fourth quarter earnings report on Thursday.

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Google has dominated the search engine market for over a decade. No other search site comes close to it in terms of popularity. Bing is second only to Google, whose share is less than 3.5%, but the successes of artificial intelligence chatbots have shaken the company, so Google also declared a “code red” for fear of disrupting its search business.

While a Google search only returns a list of website links, ChatGPT answers all your questions in clear, simple sentences. It has the ability to generate content from scratch. Microsoft already plans to incorporate ChatGPT into Bing, which will allow it to provide smarter and more up-to-date results that could threaten Google’s dominance.

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