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He replaced petrol motorcycle with electric for Rs 18500 both mileage and speed are good you also watch video



Rising inflation in India has broken people’s backs. Petrol prices have also been hovering above Rs 100 for a long time. In such a situation, riding a scooter-motorcycle turns out to be very expensive. However, we cannot do without a two-wheeler, because we need them for every small and big job. People are looking for alternatives to get rid of this problem. Although the electric vehicle (EV) can solve the problem, it is not easy to adopt due to its high cost, short range capability and lack of infrastructure. In such a situation, EV conversion kits are the best option.

A YouTuber has done wonders by turning a regular petrol bike into an EV. This YouTuber is quite popular for making such unique projects. In the video, the YouTuber can be seen turning a Suzuki AX100 into a fully functional electric bike. He kept this whole conversion process before the audience. Installed a brand new seat, removed the motor and motor components. A special frame has been developed to hold the battery. Built housing for the battery and electronic components such as controllers and cables. To give it a modern look, LED taillights and integrated indicators are fitted at the rear.

Let us tell you that the lithium-ion battery lasts about 200 kilometers on a single charge, which can be considered good. If the bike is equipped with light wheels, it can easily reach a top speed of 50 km/h. To make the bike more affordable, you have the option to change the range by changing the battery capacity. The single seat design is made specific using the Suzuki AX100 seat. The fuel tank is taken from the RX100 to give the bike a cafe look. If desired, a double seat can also be made.

This change won’t cost you much. The total cost of this conversion kit is Rs 18,500 and includes GST. However, the YouTuber made it clear that this bike is not road legal. The reason for this is that for this you will have to complete a lot of formalities. Such as obtaining permission from the RTO and conducting an investigation by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). So you can use it as a passion project or drive it on private roads.

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