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Here’s how Yamaha’s factory RX100 is prepared, learn these interesting things about the bike



The Yamaha RX100 is considered one of the most iconic motorcycles of the 1990s. When talking about a two-stroke motorcycle, the Yamaha RX100 is probably the first thing that pops into most people’s minds. It was the most enjoyable bike ever. Now it’s a cult, some people maintain them very well. You can earn good amount by selling such RX100 bikes. Today we bring you a memorable video where the bike can be seen being assembled at the manufacturing plant. Then there was a motorcycle sale.

This video is shared on YouTube by WildfilmsIndia. You can see the bike being assembled in the factory at various stages. This RX100 model was manufactured at the Escorts Yamaha factory. FYI, let us tell you that the RX100 was discontinued in 1996. The first frame of the video shows several workers busy assembling the bike.

We then see a man testing a motorcycle engine. We see the RX100 speeding up to 80 km/h soon. The person driving it reaches a maximum speed of 89 km/h. In 1983, Yamaha Motor Corp and Escorts Limited partnered and started making the RD350. It was the Indian version of the RD 350B that was sold in the overseas market. That was the time when Ind-Suzuki’s AX100 caught the attention of Indian buyers. Yamaha studied the success of the AX100 and launched the RX100 in 1983.

The RX100 was more powerful than the AX100. The RX100 produces 11 hp, while the AX100 only produces 8.25 hp. Also, the RX100 was more affordable. The manufacturer did not make major updates or changes to the RX100 later. The RX100 was brought to India as a completely knocked down (CKD) unit and then assembled at the factory. It was initially available in three color schemes – Black, Cherry Red and Peacock Blue-Green. Early RX100 bikes had an Ambassador branded speedometer. Then the label of the ambassador was replaced by the attendants.

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