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Honda will discontinue these cars in India, know! After all, what is the intention?



Ever since the news came from the Honda company, its flames have spread like wildfire. The market for discussions on this issue is hot. According to a recent report, Honda Cars will soon discontinue many old products from its lineup in India. What will be its effect on people, why the company will shut down suddenly, many questions will also arise in your mind, we will tell you the reason why the company had to take this step. Automaker Honda plans to recall other cars soon, including the Jazz, WR-V and the fourth-generation Honda City. All models are based on the same platform. If reports are to be believed, it is being discontinued to make way for the new compact SUV that is currently under development. These are significant developments for the brand as strong market rumors suggest that the brand may exit its retail operations in India.

which vehicle will stop when

The report states that the Honda Jazz will be discontinued by October this year, while the 4th generation Honda City will be discontinued by December 2022. The Honda WR-V will be the last model to be completed, with production ending in March. 2023 will leave Honda India’s lineup with just two offerings, when it will stick with the Amaze subcompact sedan and the fifth-generation Honda City. Although the Jazz is getting a new generation variant overseas, the outgoing Jazz continues to be sold in India till now. The new-generation variant was deemed too expensive, prompting the automaker to abandon the idea of ​​bringing this model here. On the other hand, the fourth and fifth generation cars in the city had the same sales as before. But the old one is almost eight years old now. However, it continues to attract customers due to its much lower price than the fifth generation variant. After all, the WR-V was a Jazz-based crossover for the Indian market and proved to be a more practical option for our roads. The rugged look, higher ground clearance and thicker rims also gave it a distinctive identity.

Jazz has not been updated in many years

However, sales of all three models are far from expectations. Although the Jazz hasn’t seen any significant updates over the years, its rivals in the premium hatchback space have been wooing customers by launching newer and more feature-packed generations. Likewise, the fifth-generation City is a dramatically better product and finds buyers willing to pay more for it. The WR-V struggles amid the rise of several new subcompact SUVs that offer more value by comparison. This makes Honda vulnerable in the Indian market, especially amid the Japanese automaker’s exit plans along the lines of GM and Ford. However, these rumors are not true as the brand is expected to make some big announcements at the Auto Expo 2023. The company is likely to showcase the upcoming compact SUV at the event, while there are rumors of a new subcompact SUV in development to rival the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Kia Sonnet, Hyundai Venue and others.

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