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How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online: Aadhaar Virtual ID (Adhaar VID)



A lot of people are a bit scared or hesitant to share their information or documents online and to be honest, I also have a little problem with sharing documents on any other website or platform. If you are finding it difficult from security point of view to share your identity proof like Aadhar card online then this article is specially for you. If you don’t want to share your Aadhar card or Aadhar number then today we will tell you another way to authenticate or provide proof of internet services. Instead of an Aadhaar card, you can easily generate a 16-digit virtual Aadhaar ID, also known as Aadhaar VID. You can use this Aadhaar VID as an online proof.

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Aadhaar Virtual ID What is Aadhaar Virtual ID?

Aadhaar VID (Aadhaar VID) is a 16-digit number that is generated according to your Aadhaar number, which you can use as proof during online services. Aadhar VID works as a reference to your original Aadhar card or Aadhar number, which prevents the information and data related to the original Aadhar number from going online completely.

The purpose of Aadhaar VID is to keep your information secure online. An Aadhaar cardholder can create any number of virtual Aadhaar IDs, but when a new ID is created, the previous code expires.

How to Create 16 Digit Aadhaar VID through Government Website?

To generate Aadhar Virtual ID first your phone number should be linked or registered with your Aadhar card as OTP will come on the same verification number. Along with this, your 16-digit Aadhaar VID will also be received via SMS on the same number.

1. First open the Aadhar website

2. Now scrolling down you will find “VID Generator” option click on it.

3. Now enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and enter the captcha code and press the ‘Send OTP’ button.

4. Now enter the OTP received on the phone and click on the “Verify and Continue” button.

5. Soon after, your new 16-digit virtual Aadhaar ID (Aadhaar VID) will appear in front of you on a page. Along with this ID, you will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number. Now you can use it instead of Aadhar card/number in online services.

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How to generate Aadhaar Virtual ID (Aadhaar VID) through mAadhaar Mobile App?

Apart from the website, you can also create Aadhaar Virtual ID from the mAadhaar app. It is also the official app for Aadhaar. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  1. First, download the app, create your account in it and create a new password. If you have an account or already have one, sign in to the app.
  2. Now select the ‘My Aadhaar’ option.
  3. Here you will be asked for Aadhaar number, fill it, enter the captcha code and press the ‘Request OTP’ button at the bottom.
  4. Now enter the OTP received on the phone and press the “Verify” button.
  5. Now on the next page you will find the “Virtual ID” option, select it.
  6. Then enter the given captcha code once and click on “Request OTP” button.
  7. Now again fill the phone OTP here and click on “Generate VID” option to generate Aadhaar VID.
  8. After doing this, a 16-digit Aadhaar VID number will appear on your screen and this number will also reach you via SMS.

How to get back my lost Aadhaar Virtual ID (Aadhaar VID)?

If under any circumstances your 16-digit virtual Aadhaar ID is lost, it is very easy to retrieve it. You can do this from both the Aadhar website and the app.

How to lose Aadhaar VID through website

  1. Visit Aadhaar
  2. Scroll down and select the “VID Generator” option.
  3. Now in addition to Generate there will also be an option for ‘Retrieve VID’, select it.
  4. Now enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number, captcha code and click on ‘Send OTP’.
  5. Enter the OTP received on the phone here and hit the “Verify and Continue” button.
  6. Now your new Aadhaar VID will appear in front of you.

How to get back Aadhar Virtual ID through mAadhaar app

  1. Open the mAadhaar app.
  2. Now select the ‘My Aadhaar’ option.
  3. Now enter your password or PIN that you set in the app.
  4. Now scrolling down you will find your virtual ID here.

FAQ (Questions and Answers Related to Aadhaar Virtual ID (Aadhaar VID))

Are Aadhaar Number and Aadhaar Virtual ID different?

Yes, they are different. Aadhaar number is 12 digits long while Aadhaar Virtual ID is 16 digits long. It can be used online instead of Aadhaar and thus your Aadhaar linked information remains secure.

Is Aadhaar valid as proof of virtual identification?

Yes, Aadhaar VID can be used instead of Aadhaar wherever Aadhaar number is required in various online services.

Does Aadhaar VID also have an expiry date?

No, there is no expiration date. If you create a new virtual ID, the old one is automatically closed or expires.

Can someone else generate your Aadhaar VID?

No way. Aadhaar VID can be generated only by those who have Aadhar card or 12 digit Aadhar number.

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