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If the phone is lost or stolen, do this first




Nowadays, smartphones are not only used to talk to someone. Nowadays, it has become a necessity of daily life, especially in cities. Whether you want to pay for any item in a store, transfer someone’s payment, check your bank balance, make video calls, save important documents or even entertain yourself, a smartphone is essential for everyone. Many times on the way from home to office the phone needs to be taken out whether it is to buy goods or to make calls or if you are in a taxi then for entertainment. And what if you forget your phone somewhere? It’s natural to make mistakes, but once you’ve forgotten your phone, it’s just as hard to find it. In such a situation, to protect your smartphone data and avoid loss, you need to do this work first.

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1. File a police report

File a lost phone complaint with the police first. To do this, you must submit a complaint in writing along with your phone number and IMEI number. You will find the IMEI number written on the phone box and this number is also written on the phone bill. With this, the phone can be tracked or not, but if someone misuses your phone, you will be safe because you have already filed the lost phone complaint.

2. Track your phone’s last location

You can try to find the phone by logging into another phone using Find My Phone or Android Device Manager. However, for this purpose the phone must be switched on. But if your phone is dropped somewhere in the market, left in the back seat of a taxi, you can track it and hope to get it back. But if it is in the hands of someone else who has switched off the phone then in that case this feature will show you the last location of the phone where the phone was switched on.

3. Secure money by changing net banking password and online payment apps password

Although UPI PIN is required before making a payment in all payment apps, still your information is not completely safe. Whoever gets hold of your phone can still access your personal airbanking details because many times we save many of our passwords automatically, so first change your netbanking password and UPI PIN on all apps immediately. As soon as you change all passwords, all auto-saved passwords will become invalid.

4. Change your social media passwords

Due to the misuse of social media nowadays, it is very easy to spoil your identity or name. Every day we hear many such scams. This should not happen to you, so immediately change the passwords of all social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. available on your phone when the phone is lost.

5. Delete all data

Losing your phone is a big loss, but before all your data falls into someone else’s hands and more damage is done, wiping all your phone data is the most appropriate step you can take to keep your personal information safe in safety.

If you are an Android user or using an iPhone, go to the Find My Device feature and find the Data Erase option. You will receive.

You can see his steps below –

Android phone – Settings > Security > Find My Device app > Device name (select the name of the phone whose data is being deleted) > Erase device > Erase device , With these steps you can easily wipe the phone data. You can also delete it from your laptop or computer by going to

Similarly, iPhone users can delete data by going to and selecting the name of their lost phone in the Find My Device feature.

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6. Turn off the SIM card

Important messages especially OTP messages often come to our number. If someone in your phone wants to login to any social media or payment app, they can do it with OTP. To avoid this big loss, call the customer care number of the operator to which you have the SIM card, talk to the customer care officer and give your SIM card details and ask them to deactivate the SIM card.

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