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Jeff Bezos to welcome William Shatner from ‘game’ space as Planet of the Apes character



Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, is set to take William Shatner of Star Trek fame into space and safely return on October 13. Although the launch was pushed back a day due to anticipated winds in Texas, that’s not holding back Shatner’s fans are gearing up for liftoff. Late last week, a user tweeted a still of the 1968 science-fiction epic Planet of the Apes, joking that everyone should be surprised to welcome Shatner back as apes. Bezos replied, “I am the game.”

For those unaware, Planet of the Apes revolves around astronaut George Taylor (portrayed by Charlton Heston), whose spaceship crashes on a strange planet, run entirely by apes that are not humans. Talk and dress like that. spoiler ALERT: Things take a major turn when Taylor learns that he has landed not on an alien planet, but on Earth itself, now run by evolved apes, after all the humans are killed in a nuclear war. In the viral tweet, user (@LeahsLounge) suggested that everyone should welcome Shatner dressed as ape, who plays a prank on the Captain Kirk actor.

Check out Bezos’ reply to the tweet here:

In case you were wondering, Bezos only joked about the prank and it’s safe to assume that the members of Blue Origin wouldn’t actually wear monkey suits to surprise the veteran actor.

The Blue Origin mission is set to carry Shatner and three other crew members. They will spend four minutes in zero-gravity and then return to Earth in a suborbital rocket. At 90, Shatner is going to be the oldest person in space.

In July, Bezos was part of the crew that flew the inaugural Blue Origin flight beyond the Karman Line, an imaginary boundary thought to be the space frontier.

Meanwhile, Shatner has been tweeting and answering questions from his followers during the extra time that has fallen into his hands due to the delay in the launch.

When a user asked him about his “take” on the meme going on on social media, the actor said, “You can’t imagine how many fans emailed me claiming that he made this ridiculous meme “

Another user wondered if he would be able to tweet from space and if he could do it that would be awesome. “I can’t take my phone and hacking their communications array to try to log into Twitter is probably not a good idea,” Shatner replied.

Bezos is in a race with other private players like Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic to tap the growing space tourism market. Branson beat Bezos by a week to launch a private mission into space.


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