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Know that when Kawasaki’s ZX-4R Supersport bike comes to make a splash, it will be packed with these features



Japanese company Kawasaki also maintains its threat in India. Many sports bikes from Kawasaki make a splash here. Talking about the most popular models, they include Ninja 300, Ninja H2R and Z900. The most expensive motorcycle is the Ninja H2R, which costs 79 lakh 90 thousand rupees. Kawasaki unveiled the ZX-25R motorcycle in June 2020. Some fans breathed a sigh of relief when reports surfaced of a potential ZX-4R model in May 2021. However, there was no sign of him for a year. Now, according to new information, Kawasaki may launch this new green machine in 2023.

Kawasaki is believed to replace the existing ZX-25R machine with the ZX-4R. The four-cylinder SuperSport will retain the same frame, but its quarter-liter mill will benefit from a 399cc. The power potential of the ZX-4R will definitely increase due to the additional capacity. According to Japanese outlet Autoby, the ZX-4R will get a dual disc front brake system and a wider rear tire to handle the extra excitement. Also, the SuperSport could get a separate exhaust system to keep the powertrain outboard under current emissions regulations.

The new exhaust, thicker rear donut, additional caliper and rotor add to the bike’s weight of 397 lbs. But apart from these differences, both small bore screamers have the same equipment. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) issued by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that the ZX-4R will also be delivered outside of Asia. Not so with the ZX-25R. Using the ZX400SP and ZX400PP designations, Kawasaki is set to release two ZX-4R variants in the U.S. in 2023. According to Motorcycle Detective Chief Dennis Chung, the last digit P can be used to predict those 2023 models. The last two letters S and P on the ZX-4R mainly refer to ABS and non-ABS trims. However, this cannot be said for sure until the brand itself officially reveals its upcoming four-cylinder engine. Fans of the small supersport are eagerly awaiting the launch of the ZX-4R.

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