Microsoft OneDrive brings native photo editing tool to its web, Android apps to rival Google Photos

Microsoft OneDrive will now let users edit photos using native editing tools on its Web and Android apps. Users will now be able to crop, rotate and flip photos, make light and color adjustments, cast media using Chromecast, and better organize photos as well as search for images using filters. The new update brings the experience of storing photos on Microsoft OneDrive closer to that of Google Photos. Notably, users can only edit JPEG or PNG images right now.

Announcing the update on its Tech Community blog, Microsoft said it is “the start of a number of new enhancements OneDrive is bringing to pictures over the next year”. The tech giant has so far made the feature available for OneDrive for web and Android. OneDrive for iOS is expected to get the feature later this year.

Microsoft OneDrive will bring basic photo editing features to its Android app
photo credit: microsoft

OneDrive will allow users to crop images to any size including ‘Standard Image Size for Social Media’ with its built-in presets. Additionally, the cloud storage platform will let users rotate and flip their images at their discretion. OneDrive has also added the option of incremental degree rotation which will help the users to straighten the images.

In addition, Microsoft has also added basic light and color adjustment settings to the OneDrive photo editor menu. Users can now adjust brightness, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and color saturation. Once users have made all the adjustments, they can tap and hold the image to compare their edited version with the original version of the image. Users will have the option to save the edit as a new image or overwrite the original image. If the image is accidentally overwritten, the original can be recovered through the Version History menu.

Microsoft has currently made its new editing tool available only for OneDrive personal accounts. Users with work or school accounts will be able to experience this feature later this year.

OneDrive users can now also cast images and videos stored on their OneDrive from their Android devices to their TVs with Chromecast. Users need to connect their Android device to their Chromecast-enabled device and use the Cast option on the top right corner of the OneDrive app and select their device from the list to activate the casting later.

OneDrive for Android will now make it easier for users to find and organize their images and videos. Folders of images can now be created based on the upload source. For example, photos saved from Camera Roll and WhatsApp will now be automatically separated into their respective folders. Microsoft says that this feature will be visible to users in the next few months.

Lastly, OneDrive will give users the option to view images from specific folders or from all folders on the drive. Users will find the option at the top-right corner of the Photos tab on the Android app, and in the Photos area in OneDrive for Web.



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