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Mobile holder with USB charger makes motorcycle travel easier, you can try 1 of these 5



Two wheelers have become a necessity these days. Leave aside the matter of office etc, without them even small tasks in the vicinity are not possible. The motorcycle is more popular, especially among young people. A bicycle is necessary for someone and fulfills someone’s hobby. Whether you’re a vlogger who loves cycling adventures or a professional who commutes to his office by motorbike… having a mobile holder in your bike will make your journey convenient. These mobile bike racks with usb charging are mainly made of high quality aluminum and plastic. Designed for motorcycles, these mobile holders are known for their non-slip nature, water resistance, durability and strength. If you are looking for mobile phone holders with USB charging, then you can check out these premium options available in India online.

AOW ATTRACTIVE OFFER IN THE WORLD Mobile charger and phone holder: You can grab this awesome mobile motorcycle holder along with charger from AOW Attractive Offer World. It is made of high quality plastic. It is available in dimensions 10x7x7 cm. Its weight is 280 grams, and its specialty is 360 degree rotation and water resistance. It has a rubber handle. It is known for its non-slip nature and strength.

AllExtreme EXHSMH1 Universal Cell Phone Holder: This is Allstream’s 2-in-1 mobile bike holder and USB charger. The dimensions of this black cell phone holder are 28x18x8 cm. It has a sure firm grip. It comes with four non-slip corners to prevent the phone from falling. Its special feature is the reinforcement design and 360 degree rotation. It can be easily assembled and convenient to use. It is quite durable.

Autofy 1 YEAR WARRANTY Universal NEO Aluminum Mobile Bike Holder: Autofi offers this rugged mobile bike holder that comes with a waterproof USB port. There is a rubber pad on each claw to prevent drops and scratches during bumpy riding. It is made of premium aluminum which is durable and high strength with abrasion resistance.

Blackcat Bike Mobile Charger Holder with Cable: This mobile charger holder from Blackcat is made of A-ok plastic. Available in dimensions 11.4×7.6×7.6 cm. This holder can be mounted on handlebars that have a diameter of 15 to 30 mm. The ability to quickly charge the holder is superb. It has an adjustable handle that can be rotated 360 degrees. The anti-flicker nature and easy access to the touchscreen also make it special.

Generic Bike Mobile Charger Generic Bike Mobile Phone: This versatile mobile holder and charger is also second to none. It comes in black color and measures 10x10x7 cm. It is also made of metal and plastic. It can be mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle. Installing it is quite easy. It comes with X Grip and weighs around 259 grams.

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