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No more private car charge, keep filling up without stopping, know what the new rule is here



Whenever you travel on the highway, you must have seen a Toll Booth or Toll Plaza there. The fee is collected from four-wheeler drivers at these booths. This rule is applicable all over India. However, tax rates vary. This is an indirect tax. Let us tell you that there is a different road tax that the RTO collects from the vehicle owners. A toll tax is the amount you pay to use an expressway or highway anywhere in the country. The government is committed to creating better connectivity between different countries, for which a lot of money is being spent. These costs are recovered by collecting a toll from the highways. According to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) website, there are more than 700 toll booths in the country.

Meanwhile, news of relief for private vehicle owners in Madhya Pradesh has come out. The state government has scrapped the rule of collecting toll tax from private vehicle owners. The government led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken this decision in view of the heavy congestion at the toll booths so that there are no long queues of vehicles. Under the new rule, private vehicle owners will now get toll relief on all new and old roads under the State Road Development Corporation. Confirming the Principal Secretary of State Transport, Neeraj Mandloi said that the proposal for this new rule has been sent to the Cabinet for final approval.

Before taking this decision, the Department of Public Works surveyed about 200 roads in the state. The study showed that 80 percent of the toll amount is received from commercial vehicles and the remaining 20 percent from private vehicles. However, the number of private vehicles is more than commercial vehicles at the toll booths. This leads to congestion and congestion for commercial vehicles. As a result, the state government released the private vehicles to avoid the overcrowding situation at the toll booths.

It should be noted that all the 200 roads surveyed by the PWD were constructed by the Stade Road Development Corporation under the Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) method. In this method, the state government makes the private company responsible for the maintenance and development work for a specified period of time. Henceforth in Madhya Pradesh, only commercial vehicles will have to pay toll. VIPs such as the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers and MPs, along with private vehicles, are now exempt from the toll. Judges, Magistrates, Central Government Secretaries, National Highway Authority of India, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Defense vehicles are also exempted from toll booths.

On the other hand, GPS based toll collection system will also come soon. In this, customers will have to pay a toll according to the distance they have to travel on the highway. In the new rule, toll will be charged on a pro rata (pro rata) basis. This means that the more you use the highway, the more you will pay. Currently, the toll booth charges on a tiered price basis. This system works in many European countries. In view of its success, the Government of India is planning to implement it in the country. This system starts recording as soon as the vehicle starts moving on the toll road. When the car exits, the system stops. The user must pay for the same number of kilometers traveled on the expressway.

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