People are flocking to buy this electric scooter, you will be shocked to see the numbers, here are the price and features

People are flocking to buy this electric scooter, you will be shocked to see the numbers, here are the price and features

Ather Energy Electric Scooters: These days the focus is on electric vehicles (EV). Whether it’s two-wheeled or four-wheeled electric vehicles, there’s a lot of craze about them. Electric scooters are liked a lot by people. The obsession with them in our country is intensifying. Although their price may be high, but instead of struggling with rising petrol prices every day, people do not hesitate to make a big investment once. Even in e-scooters, Ather Energy Company has managed to occupy a special place in people’s hearts. Ather Energy seems to have caught the pulse of e-scooter enthusiasts. We don’t say this on air, but the data associated with Ather Energy proves it. Now we will tell you the sales report for you to agree with us.

Ather Energy sold a total of 7,435 electric scooters in September. What’s special is that this year-over-year (YOY) is 247 percent higher than September of last year. Ather sells two e-scooters 450X and 450 Plus in the Indian market. Let us tell you that the company has opened its experience centers in four cities Mumbai, Kolkata, Rajkot and Ranchi in the last few days. They are also believed to be one of the causes of cell growth. Now there are 55 such centers in 45 cities. It should be noted that the company’s activity report is constantly improving. It has sold a total of 6,410 e-scooters in August 2022. In this too, there was a huge jump compared to last year. It was 297% higher, which is a very encouraging result for the company. The company received an overwhelming response from Kerala. Kerala had a 34 percent market share in August sales.

Ather Energy extends the range by updating the battery in a new model

Another reason is said behind this great report from Ather Energy. The company recently launched a new version of its Ather 450X Gen3. In this updated version, the company has specifically increased the battery capacity. That is, the focus is on the range of scooters. Comparing it with the previous generation scooter, we understand that the new scooter has come a long way in the range. Range refers to the ability to travel the distance of the vehicle after the battery is fully charged. Anyway, every person wants the vehicle to be able to run continuously for a maximum distance after a single charge.

If you charge this scooter once, then it will have no problem to cover a distance of up to 146 km, which means its mileage. Ather has also made some other changes to the 450X Gen3 scooter. The scooter has updated the user interface on the 7.0-inch touchscreen on the dashboard. It has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor as its processor. The scooter has 16 GB of internal memory in which 2 GB of RAM is available. That’s twice as much as the old model. The scooter can accelerate to 40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. Its maximum power output is 6.2kW and peak torque output is 26Nm. Ather will now sell this scooter through Flipkart as well.

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