PM Modi uses this super car as a fighter jet, features that even in wartime cannot be hairy….

PM Modi uses this super car as a fighter jet, features that even in wartime cannot be hairy….

As soon as Draupdi Murmu was elected as the new president on Thursday, news related to her started doing rounds on the internet. Everyone was eager to know about him. Along with this, people were also interested to know what facilities will be available to Murmu now. The car he got was in the news. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s car is also making a lot of headlines. So let us tell you that although there are many cars in their lot with cutting-edge technology and features, but one car that is most special is the Mercedes Benz S650 Pullman Guard armored car.

This car is an upgrade of Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser. The car was seen in December last year when Modi welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin at Hyderabad House in the capital. This car is extremely safe and cannot be shaken by explosions and bullets. Now you must have wondered how much such a great car would cost, then let us tell you that the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard which was launched in India last year was priced at Rs 10.5 crore. The S650 model included in the PM batch costs more than Rs 12 crore.

The S650 Pullman Guard is custom built. Its body and thick windows can withstand blasts and heavy bullets fired from an AK-47 rifle. This car comes with an Explosive Vehicle (ERV) rating for 2010. The occupants are also protected from a 15 kg TNT blast from a distance of two meters. The inside of the window is coated with polycarbonate. The lower part is made mostly of solid metal to protect the occupants of the car from direct blasts. If you look at the cabin of the car, it has a separate air supply system in case of a gas attack. The S650’s fuel tank is covered with a special material that has the ability to seal its holes after an impact.

It is worth noting that the Special Protection Group (SPG) decides which cars are included in the Prime Minister’s fleet. Dedicated to the security of the Prime Minister, the SPG assesses the potential threat before selecting a vehicle. SPG orders two identical cars and another vehicle is used for fraud. For many years, the prime minister’s lot has included cars with increased security. These include cars like the BMW 7 Series, Range Rover Vogue and Land Cruiser. As we all know our country lost two Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi due to security lapse. In such a situation, strict security becomes extremely important and there is no room for error. That is why there is a need for such high-tech cars.

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