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PUBG Mobile Mode Coming to BGMI; Crafton banned nearly 88,000 accounts using illegal programs in one week



PUBG Mobile modes are coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Crafton announced on Wednesday. The game developer is calling the new offerings ‘BGMI Mega Mode’, which include Infection Mode, Metro Royale and Vikendi. The update is aimed at appeasing existing PUBG Mobile fans who wanted to get the same experience on BGMI that they had on the battle royale game, which was banned by the government last year. In addition to Mega Mode, BGMI announced that it permanently banned approximately 88,000 accounts in one week as part of an ongoing campaign to limit illegal programs that resulted in game hacking.

Through a post published on Facebook, Crafton announced the launch of seven mega modes for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). These are Infection Mode, Metro Royale, Payload 2, Runic Power, Survive Till Dawn, Titans: Last Stand and Vikendi. All these modes were earlier available on PUBG Mobile.

Exact details on when and how the update will be available for BGMI gamers are yet to be revealed. However, the developer said that the new Mega Mode is coming soon for the users.

PUBG Mobile mods are coming to BGMI
Photo Credit: Facebook / Battlegrounds Mobile India

You can expect new maps and a different gameplay to come through the new modes. Likewise, some of the mods will include new weapons and vehicles to differentiate the experience.

On PUBG Mobile, users need to achieve a certain level of achievement in order to get the various modes. We expect similar conditions for BGMI gamers to get the Mega Mode.

With the introduction of the new mode, Crafton’s aim is quite clear and aims to deliver a more PUBG Mobile-like experience on BGMI – filling the gap left by the original game’s ban in the country.

In addition to making BGMI a more similar version of PUBG Mobile, Crafton is currently busy handling hackers and illegal programs on the India-exclusive game. The developer has announced that it has collected and investigated cases of illegal activity through its security system and community monitoring, and permanently banned 87,961 accounts between September 24-30.

Last month, BGMI announced the banning of over 140,000 accounts during the week of September 3 to September 9. Crafton sends players a notice if it detects any illegal activity such as downloading games from an unofficial channel or installing a supporting program. This lets them make repairs to remove any unwanted data before the restrictions are enforced.


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