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PUBG: New Stat Update 0.9.23 With New Game Modes, New Weapons, Season 1 Battle Pass Announced



PUBG: New State is getting an update that brings a new game mode and weapons, weapon customization along with other improvements to the game. The new game mode that Crafton has announced is set in the Troi map and matches will only have 64 players. PUBG: New Kingdom players will also get the P90 SMG with 5.7mm ammunition, as well as new gun customization options and improved weapon balance. Season 1 of the Battle Pass of the newly launched Battle Royale game will also begin as soon as the update rolls out.

Crafton Announces Update 0.9.23 For PUBG: New State via a blog post. The update will roll out next week but the developer has detailed all the new goodies and improvements bundled with it.

Most importantly, PUBG: New State is getting a new game mode – BR: Extreme. Only 64 players will be part of the match and will begin with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 drone credits and a full charge boost meter. Players are confined to a small area in the Troi map that will be randomly selected in each match. It is set in a battle royale style and each match will last for 20 minutes.

There will be two care packages offered initially, and the match will feature a plethora of vehicles and loot. BR: Extreme will deploy players from a lower altitude, deploying drones faster, and giving teammates less time to redeploy.

PUBG: New State is also getting a new P90 Submachine Gun (SMG). It uses a new type of ammunition – the 5.7mm – which will also be added to the Drone Store in the game. The new weapon will come with a Tier-2 transformative scope and a suppressor attached. However, it cannot be modified with other attachments.

New weapon enhancements in PUBG: The new state includes new suppressors or flash hiders for the DP-28 rifle and a lighter stock for the M762 assault rifle. Crafton has also improved the spread of shotguns and pistols when fired in mid-air. Also, the load time of the L85A3 has been reduced.

Weapon customization includes a reduced bullet spread for the M416 assault rifle. Adaptations to the M762 and M16A4 will no longer reduce bullet speed and recoil control, respectively. Optimizing the DSR-1 sniper rifle will not reduce bullet speed, but will increase vertical recoil.

Crafton has also improved the action and animations of players in PUBG: New State. Players will get a new parkour roll and sudden dash movement. There are also some other improvements in Mode Balance.

Finally, Season 1 of the Battle Pass will begin as the update rolls out next week. Crafton has upgraded rewards to reach Contender, Master and Conqueror. Match scores and level evaluation standards will also be improved.

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