Self-driving Waymo car block tries to evade traffic technicians

A new video is going viral in which a self-driving car is seen entrapped at an intersection in the US. Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, sent technicians to evacuate the car, but before assistance arrived, the car decided to evade capture and flew on its own, without the driver behind the wheel. It stops moving the wrong way, as if confused, before stopping a few meters further and blocking the three-lane road in the process.

The man inside the fully autonomous vehicle – Joel Johnson, a YouTuber who publishes the video under the handle of JJRicks Studios – recorded the entire incident and posted it online. The video shows the car needing to turn right onto a multi-lane main road, but a mistake is being made as the lane is closed by some orange safety cones. Finally, a member of the support team was able to board the vehicle and complete the ride safely.

Watch the video here:

Johnson’s video has been commented by many, including Ned Schneebly, a YouTube user who wrote a fictional conversation between Johnson and Waymo Support. The funny comment by Johnson is pinned to the top of the section, and suggests that the car behaved strangely as he was planning to record his journey.

“It’s awesome, I’ve never seen a robot having an anxiety attack before,” said a person with the username “Shane of Canada”.

“I am surprised that the rider support did not ask the car to stay on until the roadside assistance was found,” Uchendu Nwachukwu wrote.

Another user, lhamil64, said, “Very interesting situation. I think it should not have tried to correct the situation after the roadside assistance was handed over. Seems silly that they might be right behind the car and it would just decide to fly. “



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