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Sessions is a blockchain-based private messenger that uses decentralized server nodes to ensure anonymity



WhatsApp has shown a renewed interest in decentralized and secure alternatives after Facebook shut down earlier this week. Telegram was one of the biggest gainers during Facebook’s outage, but there are alternatives that are completely decentralized and private, built using the blockchain-like technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Privacy is the primary concern when we talk to instant messengers. Most of the popular messaging services including WhatsApp and Messenger have privacy technology which we know as ‘end-to-end encryption’. But for those who want complete anonymity in conversations, there is a messaging service called Sessions that has caught the attention of privacy aficionados.

As noted by Restore Privacy, the app is essentially a fork of Signal, which is also an open-source chat platform. But the Loki Foundation – a registered NGO based out of Australia and the creators of the session – wanted anonymity to be the messenger’s hero feature, which means that although the core app is similar to Signal, it works quite differently.

Its FAQ page states that chats in session are protected using regular end-to-end encryption, meaning that only the sender and recipient of the message can read the content of the conversation. But the session goes a step further and also protects the identity of the user.

Sessions achieves this by routing the chat through a network of thousands of server nodes that send messages back and forth through the network as well as providing additional services. The onion request system used by Sessions to protect messages ensures that servers in the network do not know the IP address of the sender or the IP address of the recipient – ​​essentially a decentralized system similar to a blockchain – meaning It’s also that there’s no centralized server for hackers to break into either.

but that’s not all. The session does not require you to sign up using a phone number or email address. To add to this, the service does not collect any metadata such as device information or geolocation markers. This platform is not even locked. Sessions has clients for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Now, if you’re looking for a WhatsApp alternative that matches the Facebook-owned Messenger feature by feature, that’s not it, chief. The range of features doesn’t match that of WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal, nowhere. But Sessions offers the basics like group messaging, file sharing, and voice snippets. So if security and anonymity are at the top of your list of priorities in Messenger, then Sessions seems like a great option. The service currently has 200,000 monthly active users and has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

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