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SpaceX Commander Shares Stunning Photos of Earth Taken on iPhone



SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 crew conducted medical research during their space missions, talked to their families back on Earth, and enjoyed the company of a xenomorph like those seen in Aliens. But he also took the time to capture breathtaking views of Earth through a giant glass dome called a “cupola” on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, commander of the All-Civilian Crew, shared some photos of Earth he captured using an iPhone.

While the crew had access to several professional cameras, Isaacman chose to click some pictures and videos with his iPhone. “Amazing that an iPhone can take a shot like this. I really like the nosecone in the picture,” he said.

Sharing a video about Brazil on his first day in orbit, Isaacman said he feels privileged “to see our planet” from that perspective. “We need to take better care of our home planet and reach for the stars,” he said.

Another video shared by him shows an alien-shaped toy and an incredible view of the Blue Earth. “It’s a xenomorph and he’s sociable, he hasn’t attacked us yet,” joked Isaacman.

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, launched the Inspiration 4 mission in September to an altitude of 357 miles (574 km), which is higher than the International Space Station. This allowed the crew to see Earth in a way that few others have seen. To let its crew enjoy the view, SpaceX attached the cupola, the largest glass window ever known to space, on the Dragon capsule. The crew spent three days in orbit and returned safely, demonstrating the technological advances made by SpaceX.

While photos taken with professional cameras for space missions and the iPhone are no match, Isaacman has shown that images captured by an iPhone can still have the same effect. The Insipration4 crew wore an Apple Watch to collect data about their ECG activity, pace, sleep, heart rate and rhythm, and blood oxygen level saturation.


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