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The woes of Delhi residents have increased as the government has banned the cycle taxi services of Ola, Uber and Rapido




The Delhi government today banned bike taxis across the city and ordered immediate implementation of the decision. However, the loss is not only to the taxi service companies like Ola, Uber and Rapido, but also to the daily commuters who commute to their offices or other places by bike taxis. The government took this decision because many of the two-wheelers used by these bike taxi service companies are operated with private number plates only. According to the government, the use of private cars for taxi services is a violation of an important rule, which is why the government had to take this drastic step.

The Delhi government said the companies were violating the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 by using bicycles without transport registration. Although Ola, Uber and Rapido have not given a statement about it so far. But it is certain that people who used these bicycle taxis to avoid the expensive fare of car taxis or to avoid the traffic, will now have to face a lot of problems.

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Using cycle taxi in Delhi will be fined

Although the bike taxis are still available on some of these apps even after this government order, but the government has made it clear that if these companies still don’t stop the bike taxis, the bike taxi driver will be fined Rs 5000 if be caught .. 10,000 and if the same cycle taxi is caught again by the traffic police then this fine will be doubled i.e. 10,000 rupees. Also, there could be jail time in this situation. Before Delhi, Rapido’s service was also banned by the Maharashtra High Court.

There are many rules to follow to operate a taxi and cycle taxi

  • First, bicycle taxis are closed for now, in such a situation the company will have to bear the loss of a fine by letting them on the roads, but at the same time the driver’s license can be revoked for three years.
  • At present, it is difficult to say when the government will allow bike taxis, but car taxis of Ola, Uber and Rapido will continue, but yellow number plates and registration marks are mandatory. One has to get a PSV badge after passing a police check and the driver has to undergo some behavioral sessions from the company.
  • Also there should be an emergency button in the vehicles and this is also one of the reasons for banning two wheeler taxis, not having an emergency button related to safety of women etc can create problems.

Although the government may soon order these bike taxis to ply again with new and strict rules, but for that they will have to wait a while.

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