This video of a car crash was made to test iPhone 14’s crash detection, here’s how the feature works

This video of a car crash was made to test iPhone 14’s crash detection, here’s how the feature works

iPhone 14 Crash Detection Test: Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company. His iPhone made a splash around the world and took the company to the heights of fame. At the event held in September, Apple paid most attention to the new safety features that are coming to the range of devices. One of these features was crash detection. As the name suggests, Crash Detection detects your iPhone 14 even when your car has had a serious accident. If this happens, iPhone automatically dials the number of emergency services. We already know this technology works. A feature very similar to this is also available in Google’s 2019 Pixel phones.

However, YouTuber Techrex did a test to see if Apple’s crash detection works in the event of an accident. TechRex shared a video on Tuesday. In this, an empty car crashed with abandoned vehicles at high speed. In this, the iPhone 14 Pro was attached with the headrest. After several failed attempts, the crew somehow managed to score a direct hit. Techrex said the crash detection function was activated about 10 seconds after the collision. The same result came on the second attempt. Once the iPhone 14 determines that it has crashed, it starts a 10-second countdown. If Honor does not cancel the call within this time, it will automatically call the emergency service.

This is how the safety feature will help in case of fainting or lack of access to the phone

Now we will tell you how crash detection works on iPhone 14. The new dual-core accelerometer is capable of detecting G-force measurement up to 256G. iPhone crash detection with this accelerometer and new high dynamic range gyroscope can detect a serious car accident. Also, when a user faints or cannot access their iPhone, emergency service will be automatically dialed. These capabilities are built on top of existing components. Such as a barometer that can now detect changes in cabin pressure. GPS for additional speed change input. The microphone can detect serious car accidents with loud noise. With over millions of hours of real driving and crash recording data, advanced traffic algorithms designed by Apple ensure superior accuracy.

When combined with the Apple Watch, crash detection basically gives the two devices a unique power, effectively helping users. When a serious crash is detected, the emergency call interface is displayed on the Apple Watch. It is probably closer to the user while the call is through the iPhone if it is in range for the best possible connection. Apple said this feature could save your life if you pass out or have no access to your iPhone. However, we want no one to get into an accident and this feature is not needed at all.

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