Tinder users can now add videos to their dating profiles, find matches based on shared interests

Tinder is getting new features like Videos in Profile, Explore section and Hot texts section. According to the dating platform, the new features for Tinder “lay the foundation for a deeper, richer foundation for the next generation of Tinder.” The dating platform will allow users to add videos to their profiles. Additionally, Tinder is also adding Hot Texts, a social experience that lets users chat with anyone before being matched. Lastly, the dating app is also adding an Explore section that will let users find people based on shared interests.

Commenting on the new features, Tinder CEO Jim Lanzon said, “In the post-Covid world a new generation of daters is asking for more of us: more ways to show your authentic selves, have fun and interact with others. More ways to do it virtually, and more control over who they meet and how they communicate on Tinder.”

Tinder will now let users add a video to their profile in addition to the photos users could already upload. According to the company, “the video gives Gen Z a new way to tell their authentic stories and reflects the evolution of Tinder into a multi-dimensional experience that looks like dating in 2021.” Tinder says Gen Z makes up more than 50 percent of its user base.

In addition, Tinder will now let users chat with each other before being matched on the dating platform with its new hot texts feature. The new feature will also have a timer and users will have to make their decision before it runs out. Hot Tex will be available daily from 6 PM to 12 PM (midnight). The feature is based on Swipe Night, which was first held on 12 September, where users participated in a shared story.

Tinder is also adding a new Explore section that will let users find new people based on shared interests and passions. For example, if users are interested in roller skating or baking, they will be able to find people interested in roller skating or baking, respectively. Tinder also announced that its Hot Tech and other in-app events will be integrated into the Explore section once they launch in the coming weeks. Apart from Explore which will be launched soon, other new features have been rolled out for the users.



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