Top 9 Gadgets and Electronics from CRED Store

What do you do if you have 100,000 CRED coins? Well, go on the shopping spree at the CRED store! For those who don’t know, CRED is like an online credit card payment application that lets you bring all your credit cards on a single platform, and then rewards you for paying your bills on time. . CRED is not open to everyone though – it is a highly trusted and loanable community open to people with more than 750 credit scores. These members are then given a CRED coin for every rupee spent on their bills, which can then be used as a prize. This can help you find the hidden charges in your statement.

CRED also collects the credit card-linked reward points of many banks on the platform, which increases the use of loyalty programs. We looked at the awards to pick up some of the best ones. So if you are thinking how to redeem your CRED coin, then this can give you some good ideas.

We are more focused on all types of gadgets, but the CRED store is a great place to discover a new place, like The Man Company, thanks to SleepChat, Crossbeats, curated partnerships that discover cool new products Make it easy. There are also CRED travel stores that allow you to ‘buy now and travel later’, and CRED Pay, which allows you to buy brands such as Dineout, Ixigo, The Man Company, Zoomin, Neemans and Bombay Shaving Co., and others. Can get a discount. CRED says it has more than 5.9 million members, and more than 1,800 brands at the store, of which more than 500 are active at any given point. By that, we had our top pics here.

Shore Endure Fit Smartwatch

Smartwatches now come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive one that looks great, the Noise Endure Fit smartwatch at the CRED store is probably something you should look into. It comes with over 100 cloud-based watch faces to give you a new look every single day, and also make 20-day battery life impressive.

Boat Airdops 201

Boat’s AirDoops are 201 affordable TWS earbuds that can charge within 1.5 hours. They are certified for water and sweat resistance, and provide Bluetooth 5.0 support. If you’re eyeing a pair of inexpensive TWS earbuds, the Boat AirDoops 201 at the CRED store looks like a decent option at the current price.

Lifelong masseur

Our lifestyle rapidly puts a lot of pressure on our body. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, chances are you end up with pain in your neck, lower back, or other areas. Lifelong Massage (LLM171) is the ideal electric handheld massager for you in this case. It can help you reduce and relax the pain in your neck, back, legs or feet. It is easy to use, and is currently available at an attractive price at the CRED store.Lifelong masseur

Mivi True Wireless Earphones

The MiWi True Wireless earbuds are a pair of inexpensive TWS earphones that promise up to 24 hours of battery life, and are comfortable to wear for long periods. These earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 which means you can get a stable and more reliable connection with your phone, tablet or laptop. Another winner at the CRED Store that doesn’t deserve to disappear!mivi m80 twenty mivi two

Mivi Roam 2 Speaker

The Mivi Roam 2 is a portable wireless speaker that you can carry anywhere. Be it working from a home office or trying to get some exercise on the roof, Mivi Roam 2 could be your little friend about going anywhere. The speaker provides 24-hour time for music, and is waterproof as well. You can also use an in-built microphone to handle voice calls.mivi roam2 speaker mivi roam

Okter Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router

Working from home in the Indian summer can be quite a challenge, especially given how the power situation can sometimes go away. Octer Mini UPS for Wi-Fi routers can be a lifesaver for those important meetings and virtual learning sessions when you can’t afford to log out for a moment. This is a must buy, and probably the most useful gadget you need right now.oakter mini up for wifi oakter mini up

Okter Smart Remote

Another smart home gadget that can be highly useful for a lot of users is the Otter Wi-Fi all-in-one smart universal remote. You can replace your existing IR-based remote control with this single device that works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use it on ACs, TVs, soundbars, or just about anything that uses a traditional remote control.oakter smart remote otter smart remote

Pebble crux

A wireless charger at your workstation is probably one of the easiest, mess-free ways to charge compatible devices. Your PWS earbuds, phones, or other compatible devices can easily be charged using this Pebble Cruise premium leather wireless charging pad. It feels great at your workstation, and can help you charge your devices quickly.Pebble Crux Pebble Crux

Pebble Hello Neckband

While TWS earbuds are nice and convenient, nothing beats the powerful sound of neckband-style earphones. The Pebble Halo can be an ideal companion when working from home or learning. This neckband-style affordable headphone comes with magnetic earbuds, and is ideal for wearing when you’re working or running on a treadmill. It promises deep bass sound for audio lovers.Pebble Halo Pebble Halo

What are you waiting for? Download credit and sign up today to make credit card payments in minutes, and enjoy a bunch of amazing rewards.



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