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WhatsApp for iPhone may get the ability to react to messages with any emoji in the future



WhatsApp for iPhone is working on updating message reactions on the platform by expanding the list of emojis available to react to messages. Currently, WhatsApp supports a total of six emoji for reactions. However, the app has now got an option whereby users can use any available emoji to react to a message. Along with the iPhone, users on Android and desktop are expected to get the ability to react to messages using a list of emoji.

According to WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app owned by Facebook parent Meta is working on expanding emoji for message responses on the iPhone. WhatsApp for iPhone beta version is said to have some references about the update.

WABetaInfo has also shared some screenshots showing the Plus (,) button next to the six available emoji, so users can choose the emoji of their choice when reacting to a message. Recent reactions also appear in the list that appears after pressing the dedicated button so that users can quickly choose one of the emoji they’ve already used as a response to a message.

WhatsApp has been seen expanding message responses on the iPhone
photo credit: WABetaInfo

The website has revealed that the section to choose an emoji from the available collection will be draggable and will also allow users to search for a particular emoji from the top bar.

WhatsApp was earlier seen working on an extensive list of message responses on Android and desktop.

Exact details on when the Feedback update will be available to users are yet to be revealed. Although WABetaInfo has cited a recent beta release, the update is not yet a beta tester.

WhatsApp introduced Message Reaction in May so that users can react to messages instantly. It brought six emoji to express love, laughter, surprise, sadness and thanks.


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