Wordle Knockoff Pulled From Apple’s App Store

Apple on Wednesday said it has removed several knockoffs of Wordle, a website-only word game that has seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, from its App Store.

The once-a-day online word game, originally created in October by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle, can only be played on his website and doesn’t have a mobile app.

However, many developers have created similar app versions to capitalize on the growing demand for games, with unsuspecting users downloading clone apps.

As of Wednesday, the only remaining product on the App Store with that title was Wordle!, a time-based game created by Steven Cravota more than four years ago.

Josh Wardle’s games have filled Twitter and Facebook timelines in recent weeks as players posted their scores. This gives a player six chances to guess the secret word of the day, which consists of five letters, and the objective is to find the secret word with the fewest guesses possible.

The game is an easy-to-use, ad-free experience on a simple website that doesn’t require downloading from Apple’s App Store or Google’s PlayStore.

Bloomberg News first reported this news on Wednesday.

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