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YouTube discontinues annual rewind video, plans global end-of-year interactive experience instead



YouTube will no longer be making Rewind videos at the end of its annual year, the company has confirmed. YouTube Rewind, a project that was canceled last year due to COVID-19, will not be making a comeback this year. In fact, the company has decided to discontinue Rewind Video altogether, claiming that the platform is too large and it is not possible to incorporate all aspects of it into minute-long videos. YouTube says that it leaves the responsibility of making rewind videos to the creators. The video platform was heavily criticized for its rewind video in 2018 and quickly became the most disliked video of all time.

TubeFilter confirms, citing a YouTube spokesperson, that YouTube has discontinued its own rewind videos and is giving creators the responsibility to offer their perspective on the concept. In recent years, several creators have published their own versions of YouTube Rewind videos on the platform.

The video platform will reportedly not be funding any of these creator-produced Rewind videos. However, the report states that she will promote him on her social channels. While Rewind Videos will no longer be produced by YouTube, it will reportedly continue to produce its annual trends list and its Streamy Awards. The company also teased the arrival of a global end-of-year interactive experience. However, more details were not disclosed.

A YouTube spokesperson told the publication, “Since Rewind began in 2011, we’ve seen the creators of Mr. [54 million views], elrubiusOMG, and Slayy Point, and many more, create their own end-of-year videos, uniquely capturing the year from each of their perspectives. It will be inspiring to see the myriad ways the most creative content producers in the world — our YouTube creators — incorporate the end of the year into their video recaps, as YouTube retires its own rewind videos. “

While the 2018 Rewind video invited controversy for YouTube, the previous generation of videos were generally well received and received more likes than dislikes.


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