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1 crore studio… ‘Har Har Shambhoo’ fame Farmani Naaz built a temple of God in which – har har shambhoo fame farmani naaz built a temple in his studio



The studio of Farmani Naaz, who rose to prominence by singing Shiv Bhajan Har Har Shambhu, is worth a crore. He gave this information himself by sharing a video on YouTube. She said there is a temple in her studio, where she stands and sings songs with her brother.

Farmani Naaz built a temple in the studio
Muzaffarnagar: Farmani Naaz, who rose to prominence by singing ‘Har Har Shambhu’, Lord Shankar’s prayer song, was targeted by fundamentalists. However, completely indifferent to all this, Farmani Naaz said on his YouTube channel that he also built a Shankar ji temple in his studio. Standing here, she records the song with her brother. Farmani said he prepared this studio by spending one million rupees.

According to Farmani’s YouTube video, his studio is two stories high, which cost a crore to build. She says people will be surprised to see her studio. He also showed glimpses of the studio in his videos. There are various YouTube buttons on the wall of his studio. The main studio is in two parts. In one, the songs are mixed in the computer while in the other, a temple is built. Farmani relates that while standing at the temple site, she sings a song with her brother.

Farmani has millions of YouTube subscribers and recently became very popular singing Har Har Shambhu. He also faced displeasure from fundamentalists for singing Lord Shankar’s bhajans. This song is originally sung by Abhilipsa Panda and Jitu Sharma from Odisha.

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