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14 stabs on the child, 7 blood cannot be forgiven… and the judge condemns the killer to death



Ghaziabad: The court on Monday sentenced former driver Rahul, who was found guilty of murdering seven members of his family, including businessman Satish Goyal, 9 years ago in Nai Basti. The court also fined him Rs 1 lakh. In his judgment, the judge said that Rahul’s crime cannot be forgiven and no mercy can be shown to him. Hearing the sentence, the condemned Rahul sat down on the floor in the courtroom itself. On May 21, 2013, businessman Satish Goyal, his wife Manju, son Sachin Goyal, daughter-in-law Rekha Goyal, granddaughters Mega (14), Honey (12) and Aman (10) ) were stabbed to death. In this case, the police arrested Rahul Verma, his former driver, the next day. Since then, the case has been pending in court. Rahul was sentenced on Saturday. On Monday, the court pronounced the death sentence in the case.

Prosecution attorney Devraj called for Rahul’s death, describing the crime as the rarest of the rarest category. The court said he ended three generations by killing seven people from the same family. No other punishment can be inflicted on such a convict, except hanging. Defense attorney Pankaj Sharma cited Rahul’s young age. He said he had no criminal history. With this circumstance in mind, mercy would be justified. Deputy district government attorney Sanjay Tyagi said Rahul had committed a heinous crime by killing the entire family. Such kind of mercy should not be shown to such a criminal. If the culprit receives the death penalty, then fear will arise among those who commit such a crime in society. The case was heard in ADJ 12 court. Based on arguments and evidence from both sides, Judge Nirmal sentenced Rahul on Saturday in the case of theft, murder and recovery of property.

What crime had how much punishment
Section 302 hanging and fine of Rs 50,000
Section 394 Fine of Rs 30,000
Article 411 Imprisonment for 3 years and fine of 10,000
25/4 Imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of 10 thousand

The businessman’s daughter said, justice was awaited

After being sentenced to death, the businessman’s daughter, Shaili, said the scene from nine years ago was still before her, even today, when the corpses of her father, daughter mother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew niece lay there. He hoped that he would certainly get justice from the court. Now my family who were murdered, their souls will rest in peace.