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17 years ago when Dacoit Jagjeevan Parihar shed blood in the village of Etawah during the holidays



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Jagjivan Parihar, a dacoit with a reward of 8 lakhs in three villages, had played such a bloody Holi, the echo of which is still intact.
In the past, Chorela and its surrounding villages lived in fear of the terror of the dacoit Jagjivan.

Etawah. 17 years ago today, Jagjivan Parihar, a dacoit with a reward of 8 lakhs, performed such bloody Holi in three villages of Chorela Gram Panchayat in Bitholi area of ​​Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh, connected to the Chambal Valley, whose echo is still intact. Despite this, the villagers fearlessly celebrate the Holi festival. Formerly, Chorela and its surrounding villages feared the terror of the dacoit Jagjivan, but now prosperity has returned to these villages. A walk through the village testifies that the village is now completely free from the terror of the dacoits.

Dipendra Pratap Singh, who studied in class 12 during the bloody Holi of dacoit Jagjivan, has now become a soldier. Dipendra’s assignment is in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, but in view of the Holi festival, Dipendra came to the village. In an exclusive chat with News 18 correspondent Dinesh Shakya, Dipendra Pratap Singh said he was studying while living in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. As soon as he heard about this bloody Holi incident in his village of Chorela, many questions arose in his mind. During the bloody Holi incident, the police could not arrive in time. The police arrived the next day. The main reason behind this was believed to be the non-construction of the bridge over the River Kwari.

dacoit was made from peon
Dipendra says I became a soldier after studying at the school where Jagjivan became a dacoit. Dacoit Jagjivan was killed by the police and he feels proud to serve the country. Due to the presence of villages around five rivers, the movement of dacoits was once in large numbers. The dacoits’ private fight had turned the village into a battlefield. During the day, the dacoits walked around with guns in their hands. In this village, the police used to arrest anyone in the name of dacoits and put them inside. No teacher was ready to come to this village. If someone was transferred, they weren’t ready to come here. Jagjivan Parihar studied in this school and became a schoolboy, but due to personal conflicts Jagjivan became a dacoit.

Relations did not come for marriage
There were about 250 houses in this village, of which 100 houses have become ruins. The situation had become so bad that people were breaking each other’s houses. Kill each other in broad daylight. At a certain time, the state of the village had become such that apart from the elderly, the women and the children, no man thought fit to live in the village. Girls had to travel to other villages to get married. No one was ready to bring a wedding procession to their village. For 5 years, no procession came to this village because the dacoits were so afraid. When people were coming for the boys’ wedding, suddenly the bullets started firing. For this reason, no one in the village thought it appropriate to bring a relationship for the boys’ marriage.

People were called on the pretext of meeting Holi
Dipendra says the mood was very bad on Holi night. Under the pretext of a Holi meeting, Jagjivan Parihar called all the villagers and started shooting bullets one by one. Many people were injured. Two people were kidnapped. The bloody shooting took place on March 16, 2006 in Chauraila village under Bitholi police station in Etawah district. Then the infamous bandit leader Jagjivan Parihar had performed such a bloody Holi in his village of Chauraila on Holi day, suspected to be an informant, whose pain the villagers could not forget even today. After this bloody Holi incident in 2006, even though villagers celebrate Holi fearlessly, they cannot forget this scene. Today Holi began to be lit at the new location.

three people were killed
In fact, the dacoit Jagjivan Parihar and his gang attacked his village Chorela and several adjacent villages. First, he called Janved Singh Parihar in his village Chorela and burned him alive at the place of Holi. The Dacoit gang then reached the village of Lalupura, where Karan Singh was called from his home and shot near the pond. After two murders, the gang raided the village of Pura Ramprasad. A man from the Dalit caste was killed while sleeping.

Most of the police were on duty in Saifai.
On the day the dacoits played blood Holi, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, had come to his village of Saifai to play the Holi. Due to which the maximum police force was engaged in Saifai’s duty. As soon as news of this incident was received, senior officers had left Etawah and reached the remote villages of Chowraila, Lalupura and Pura Ramprasad. Questions have been raised about the role of the police in the three villages. Not only were angry people shouting slogans against the police, but they also did not allow the dead bodies to be lifted. Showing understanding with great difficulty, the police not only recovered the bodies of the three dead, but also appeased the angry villagers.

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