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400 factories in Ghaziabad will be closed, UPSIDA gave this order, crisis on the employment of thousands of workers



Ghaziabad: Once again, due to UPSIDA (Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority) officials, more than 400 industries in Tronica City are in danger of closure as the UP Pollution Control Board ( UPPCB) ordered to disconnect the electricity and water connections of these industries. ordered. In July last year, the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) inspected the 6 MLD Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) set up to treat wastewater worn out. During this period, CETP was found not to be performing to standard. Now the UPPCB has ordered the closure of CETP and all its related industries. According to the order, the CETP must first be closed, then the electrical and hydraulic connections of all industries connected to it must be disconnected. Currently, the industrialists here are under tension because of this order from the UPPCB. Industrialists say there are more than 400 factories, large and small, in this area. Thousands of workers work there. If the CETP is maintained regularly then this type of problem will not occur.

Officials say chemical-rich water from the textile industry is cleaned up in the CETP. When it does not work properly, regardless of where the chemical water is released, mixing with water other than groundwater will be very dangerous to health. For this reason, the risks of contracting diseases like cancer also increase, as dangerous chemicals are used in the textile industry.

it was closed once before

There are 2 CETPs here. One of 1.8 MLD and the other of 6 MLD. The first is already out of service. Even 6 MLD does not clean dirty water to standard. The UPPCB had already inspected it, then many defects were found. During this time, industries were closed. So there was a lot of commotion. Then the CETP was repaired. But after a while, this problem came back. As a result, industrial production is strongly affected.

3 IAS agents, still without attention

3 IAS agents are posted at UPCIDA. Even after that, important responsibilities have been given to these lower-level agents, who work to tarnish the image of industrialists and even the government with the ministry. UPCIDA’s Tronica City is an important project, but it is neglected due to negligence by officials. The industrialists here do not even benefit from the basic installations like the road, electricity, security, cleanliness, sewers. Plots for group housing were allocated years ago, but no group housing project could be completed till date.

Regional UPPCB Officer Utsav Sharma said that several shortcomings were found in the 6 MLD CETP in Tronica City, due to which the closure order was issued. An order has been issued to disconnect electrical and water connections from related industries. The UPCIDA will soon inform manufacturers of this order.

These defects were discovered
-Oil and grease reservoirs not working properly
CETP did not have a NOC from the Central Ground Water Authority
The flush mixer cement wall was broken. dirty water was coming out
Samples were much higher than standard
Online water effluent monitoring system has not been installed
There was no flow meter, because of which it was unclear how much sewage was coming.