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6 feared dogs were deployed to the safety of Mafia Atique Ahmed, so dangerous one was shot by himself



Prayagraj: After the murder of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj, the Atiq Ahmed mafia is once again in the spotlight. Atiq and his brother were charged with this murder. Meanwhile, Atiq, detained in Ahmedabad prison, expressed concern for his safety and pleaded in the Supreme Court saying he could suffer some kind of harm during questioning in police custody. Apart from this, he also appealed for him to be prevented from being taken from Ahmedabad Jail to anywhere in UP. Atiq was so concerned about his safety that he had 6 purebred Great Dane dogs for safety. It is said that these dogs were so hideous that one of them was shot by Atiq himself.

Right now, Atiq is in jail, but when he got out, apart from the gunmen, those ferocious dogs were also deployed for his safety. These dogs were so fierce that they could easily kill any man. It is also said that these dogs have been trained to scan the people they meet. They could sense that no one had weapons or explosives.

These ferocious dogs of Atiq Ahmed, which attack if the man cannot escape

By the way, these Great Dane breed dogs are so terrible to see that no one could think of reaching Atiq while they were there. It was said that these dogs recognized only the children of Rakesh and Atiq, the servants of the house. It was Rakesh who used to deliver food and water to these dogs. Three years ago, in September 2020, when Prayagraj Development Authority team managed to demolish Atiq’s property, the team also attempted to demolish the dog enclosure. People around said that these dogs were very dangerous. Once a dog attacked a child, Ateeq Ahmed had to shoot the attacking dog. After hearing this story, the officers left the dog enclosure.

These dogs were so famous that a photo of them was taken during a discussion with the founder of the Samajwadi party, Mulayam Singh Yadav. In this, Mulayam Singh Yadav is with Atiq and “shakes hands” with one of his dogs. Later, BJP MP Rajya Sabha and former DGP Brijlal said sarcastically that once the leader felt proud to shake hands with Atiq’s dog, but now Yogi ji has sent the same dog owner (Atiq Ahmed) to prison. .