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6 foreigners arrested for cheating on girls across the world while sitting in Greater Noida, used to trap in rented apartment – nigerian african thug arrested for cheating with women around the world cyber crime noida



Naida: Sector 20 police station arrested a gang of strangers who were tricking women and girls around the world with fake profiles on the bump app. After he started chatting about the app, he was called NRI and doctor engineer and moved to America, England and France. After that, by giving the pretext of a relationship or a marriage, they allowed themselves to be trapped in their words. Then he used to send the gift and have the money transferred to the account on the pretext of getting caught by customs at the gift airport or coming to meet him and get some crores currencies. Among the accused arrested, five young people are of South African origin and one woman is a resident of Bhutan. He lived here in a society in the Yamuna Authority area by taking a rental apartment. The facts that have emerged from the investigation so far, it is estimated that this gang has deceived more than 300 people so far.

The information on the police action was given by DCP Noida Harish Chander during a press conference on Sunday. The DCP said that a few days ago, a young girl lodged a complaint at the Sector 20 police station. The young girl was tricked by one of these thugs into pretending to be a plastic surgeon. He was told he was coming to meet. Then, two days later, the woman involved in the gang called and told the girl she was calling from customs. 80,000 euros were received from a person who came to meet him from the Netherlands. To get it out here, 40,000 rupees will have to be deposited as a fee. Then this sum was deposited in 3 installments on the pretext of failure of the transaction and return of the money later.

The police station opened the investigation, then link to link reached this gang. The arrested defendants were identified as Okoli Stephen, Okosindhi Michael, Umadi Roland, Okoli Daniel, Okoli Prosper from Nigeria and Kunzangmo, a resident of Bhutan. Kunzangmo is married to Henry, a Nigerian, so she also lived here with Nigerians.

Henry had been to Nigeria only a few days ago. The police also recovered 3 laptops, 17 mobile phones, an internet dongle, three passports, a scooty and Rs 40860 from the accused. On the other hand, an amount of Rs 1 lakh 25,000 was frozen by the police in a State Bank account.

ever-changing places
ADCP Shakti Mohan Awasthi said the defendants lived in the Supertech Upcountry Society in Dankaur by taking a rental apartment. I moved here six to eight months ago. Previously, these people lived in Delhi. He had been running this cheating racket for two years.

To evade the police, he used to change hideouts in Delhi-NCR. During his interrogation, the defendant told the police that he came to India in 2021 on a study and medical visa. Someone’s visa expired in 6 months and someone’s visa expired in 9 months. After that, they didn’t come back.

Women from Sweden and the Netherlands were also deceived
ACP Rajneesh Verma said the accused used to create fake profiles on different dating apps. Sometimes by becoming a medical doctor, sometimes a plastic surgeon and sometimes by becoming a businessman, he made friends with women of Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch origin including Indian and trapped them in the trap of infidelity. . Dozens of women and girls from other countries have also learned that they have been duped by this gang.

The accused used to take the help of Google translator to simplify the conversation. A resident associate in Bhutan used to make money calls by becoming a customs officer and having the money transferred to the account. They sent the defrauded amount to the accounts opened in their country by various means.