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6 vicious Meerut gang members arrested, used to target people wearing uniforms



Strong points

Fools made people wear police uniforms.
Increase greed by giving true marks, then giving false marks.

Meerut. In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, 6 accused of deceiving people into wearing the uniform of home guards by using fake nameplates and smuggling fake tickets have been arrested. 4 motorcycles, 5 mobile phones from various companies and boxes of Rs 28,000 and plain paper were recovered from their possession. These defendants were caught in the joint action of the SOG team and the Ganganagar Police Station.

The approach of these criminals was different. Previously, these people bought new 500 and 200 rupee banknotes from the shop with banknote garlands. Then they would give real new tickets to a party calling them fake tickets. Also used to tell the party that these notes are out of tune. Don’t run to the bank. They used to ask for the tickets to be distributed in the market. After two or four days, when all the tickets were on the market, people would come out of greed and ask for more money. Then in similar packs, they used to give delivery on the road by putting the original tickets on the top and bottom by putting ticket size white paper in the middle.

used to cheat by showing fear of uniform
The accused used to refuse to count the bills, so that no one could grab them at the same time. To establish confidence in him, he used to send one of his men with him. After a while, his gang members would call and call other members in fake uniforms. The gang members in fake uniforms used to grab the man because the bag was with the gang member. They used to grab the gang man and bring him in. Others used to run away out of fear, and the money received from the party, which was taken by the gang in exchange for tickets, stayed with the gang. What these people used to share with each other.

In this way, this gang used to deceive people. All of the accused arrested are residents of Meerut. Their names are Mohsin, Nazim, Mahtab, Arsad, Satendra Sharma and Krishna. At the same time, an accused is on the run, whose name is Isa.

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