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64 enemy properties discovered after investigation in Noida, plan of sale being prepared, report requested from the administration – enemy properties of Noida discovered after investigation planning to sell



Naida: After years of guarding enemy properties, plans are afoot to sell them. On Thursday, the administrative team reached Kasna, Jewar Bangar and Achheja Buzurg and investigated. From now on, the ADM administration will prepare its report within a week and send it to the Ministry of Interior and the Department in charge. The central government is preparing to sell enemy assets. For this, data from enemy properties was sought from the district administration. Survey work has started in Gautam Budh Nagar as a pilot project.

Enemy properties numbering eight at Baraula, four at Hajipur and nine at Shahberi were inspected. So far details of 64 properties have come out. The administrative team investigated after reaching Kasna on Thursday. ADM Nitin Madan administration said only three villages remain to be surveyed, in which Kasna, Jewar Bangar and Achheja Buzurg are included. Their report is expected to be prepared soon and a final report will be made within a week and sent to the Home Office and the Custodian Department.

what is enemy property
The Enemy Property Act 1968 is a law passed by the Indian Parliament. Under the law, the Government of India will have the right over enemy property. According to the law, those who emigrated to Pakistan after the India-Pakistan partition or the wars of 1965 and 1971. Apart from taking citizenship there, all his real estate was declared as enemy property.

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