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70 year islamic wedding with 68 year old shakeela in badaun



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Islam, 70, married Shakeela, a woman 2 years younger than him.
This elderly couple looked very happy after getting married at this stage of age.

Badau. A marriage case has been brought to light in Badaun, UP which has become a topic of discussion in the area. An elderly couple got married here. Islam, 70, married Shakeela, a woman 2 years younger than him. This marriage took place with the consent of family members and villagers. Now preparations are underway for Dawat-e-Valima. After getting married at this stage of age, this elderly couple looked quite happy.

According to the villagers, Islam’s wife died 5 months ago. On the other hand, Shakeela Bano’s husband had passed away two years ago. None of them had children. Some people in the village mixed up the pair of these two. The two got married on February 21. The discussion of this marriage is throughout the region.

In fact, the whole affair concerns the village of Naino Bagwala in the Zarifnagar region. Islam’s wife, 70, who lives here, died about 5 months ago. Islam had no children, which was why he worried about household chores and food. Meanwhile, some people in the village started talking about getting married in Islam. Islam also agreed. After which a search was started for him for his Begum of the same age. The husband of Shakeela Bano, a resident of the Sahaswan region, had died about two years ago. He also had no children. When the villagers told Islam about it, he agreed to the marriage. After which the village chief, Sajid Ali, met Shakeela Bano and convinced them both to marry.

According to Pradhan Sajid Ali, he married Islam and Shakeela with the villagers. Islam’s wife died, while Shakeela Bano’s husband also died. They don’t even have children. There were difficulties with eating and drinking, due to which the two married with their consent. Now both are happy and there is no problem.

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