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A bulldozer will drive over the house of Atiq Ahmed in Greater Noida



The government demolished the homes of two people considered close to Atiq Ahmed. Atiq Ahmed’s government seized many properties. After that, it is assumed that the government will take action after investigating other illegal properties of Atiq Ahmed.

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The bulldozer will drive over another house in Atiq

strong points

  • Atiq’s son studied in this house.
  • Bulldozer can also be run on this Kothi
  • The police administration began to investigate the case
Manish Singh, Greater Noida: UP police are continuously raiding for the arrest of the accused involved in the murder case of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj. In this case, a joint raid was carried out by Prayagraj and Gautam Budh Nagar Police late Friday night at a house in Sector 36 of Greater Noida. Atiq Ahmed’s son used to study in this house, whom he used to come here to meet.

According to reports, the main witness in the Umesh Pal murder case and the defendant in the shooter’s murder, Atiq Ahmed and his accomplices are under constant strain from the Uttar Pradesh police. Bulldozers drive over the properties of relatives and knowledgeable people of Atiq Ahmed in many places in the state, including Prayagraj.

After searching the illegal properties of Atiq Ahmed and his associates, the state government also takes demolition action. According to Jankari, during the investigation, UP Police came to know that a 2-storey building had been erected on a plot of approximately 90 square meters in Atiq Ahmed, located in Sector 36, Greater Noida . The Greater Noida Authority had confirmed this house and says that this house is registered in the name of Atiq Ahmed.

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