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A bulldozer will run over Guddu Muslim’s house today, Ghulam’s house who ran and shot Umesh Pal will also collapse



Prayagraj: Yogi government’s famous bulldozing action started in the murder case of BJP leader and lawyer Umesh Pal in Prayagraj. Following Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s announcement to raze the mafias, the administration stepped up the work. Selective measures are taken against the relatives of Atiq Ahmed. In the case after Zafar Ahmed, now Guddu Muslim’s house will also be bulldozed. The administration has completed its preparations. Guddu Muslim’s house is also in Kasari-Masari of Chakia. According to some news, besides Guddu, the house of Ghulam Mohammad is also to be demolished.

In fact, BJP leader Umesh Pal was shot dead on February 24. His video has also gone viral on social media. Based on the viral video, the police identified the criminals. All of the defendants in the case are said to be on the run. Guddu Muslim and Ghulam Mohammed are also wanted in the murder case. Prayagraj Development Authority officials said that when Umesh Pal was killed, Guddu Muslim was carrying a white bag. We see him in the video taking out the bomb and throwing it.

Apart from that, Ghulam Mohammad stayed in a nearby shop under the guise of buying something. As soon as the assailants started shooting at Umesh Pal and his gunners, Ghulam came out of the store and started shooting at himself. It was he who ran and shot Umesh Pal, after which he died. Both defendants are on the run, so now the PDA is going to bulldoze their homes. The vice president of the PDA said the two built the house without passing the map. Because of this, their houses will be demolished.