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A monkey jumped on a cyclist in Agra, a young man was hit by a bus and died



Sunil Saket, Agra: The monkey’s leap killed a young man. The monkey jumped on the reservoir of the young man’s bicycle. Unbalanced, the cyclist passed under the bus and the driver trampled him. For this reason, the cyclist lost his life on the spot. The bus driver fled.

Mulayam Singh (23), a villager from Surya Jaganpur Bela enclave in Agra, was passing through the Yamuna Kinara road. Mulayam Singh was working in the showroom of an automobile company located in Bhagwan Talkies. Mulayam Singh was traveling to the village on Saturday morning to pick up his wife, when suddenly a monkey jumped on Mulayam’s bike on Yamuna bank Hathi Ghat road. According to eyewitnesses, Mulayam tried to escape the monkey, when his bicycle became unbalanced and fell and the bus coming from behind grabbed him. Moulayam died on the spot after falling under the wheels of the bus. The driver fled leaving the bus. Meanwhile, traffic was disrupted. Inspector in charge of the police station, Sher Singh, said a case had been filed against the accused bus driver. CCTV footage is being verified.

Married 3 years ago

Mulayam Singh’s father Rakesh works as a labourer. Lakshmi, the deceased’s wife, had gone 10 days ago to her mother’s house in Jaitpur. He has a 6 month old daughter, Annu. There is a commotion all over the house at Mulayam’s death. The shadow of the father rose from the head of the 6 month old daughter. Family members are in bad condition crying.

accidents have happened

Many accidents happened even before the attack of the monkey. A few years ago, a young man fell from the roof and died due to the jump of a monkey. A lawyer had lost his life when a monkey suddenly jumped into the road on MG Road. Apart from this, a newborn was taken by a monkey to Runkata of Sikandra, due to which the newborn died.