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A shooter like Umesh Pal can kill Mukhtar Ansari



Ghazipur: A case of threats against a witness was revealed concerning Angad Rai, a close associate of Mukhtar Ansari. Mahant Pappu Giri alleges that Mukhtar Ansari’s shooter, Angad Rai, threatened him. Mahant Pappu Giri, a resident of Diliya village in Sadar Kotwali, appealed to the SP regarding the imposed security.

Mahant Pappu Giri reached SP Ghazipur Omveer Singh on Friday and begged him for the safety of his life and property. As Witness Umesh Pal Murder Case happened in broad daylight in Prayagraj, let such thing not happen to him too.

What is the problem?

In 2009, Angad Rai, considered close to Mukhtar, demanded extortion from Pappu Giri. Pappu Giri’s wife was the village chief at that time. In the extortion case, a case was filed on behalf of Giri in Sadar Kotwali in 2009. In this case, Giri is due to testify against Angad Rai in court on March 14, 2023. Mahant Giri was charged with threatening Angad Rai not to testify. For which Mahant Giri appealed for security.

Case filed against Angad Rai, on the run

In this case, SP Omveer Singh told the media that the victim Pappu Giri met him. He asked his subordinates to get Giri’s testimony safely. The accused Angad Rai is a resident of Bhanvarkol. He is currently on the run from his home. The police are looking for him. Currently, an FIR has been filed on the matter under CPI 386.506.