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A trailer hit an e-rickshaw in Sultanpur



Two e-rickshaws were going back and forth on the Lucknow-Varanasi highway to Sultanpur. Then the trailer coming from behind hit the two rickshaws hard and drove away. Twelve passengers of the e-rickshaw were injured in the crash. All were admitted to the district hospital.

sultanpur crash
rickshaw driver injured in accident

strong points

  • Road accident in Sultanpur, 12 passengers of an e-rickshaw injured
  • A trailer coming from behind hit two electric rickshaws traveling on the highway
  • The police took the injured to the district hospital with the help of bystanders.
Azhar Abbas, Sultanpur: A major traffic accident took place in Sultanpur, UP on Monday afternoon. Here on the Lucknow-Varanasi highway, an uncontrolled trailer drove off after trampling two e-rickshaws. A dozen people were injured in the accident, who were admitted to the district hospital for treatment. The incident took place between Banaras Hotel and Dadupur Primary School under Bandhua Kala Police Station.

It is said that the two e-rickshaws were going back and forth to Bandhua Kala. Then the uncontrolled trailer trampled them both from behind. Dozens of passengers seated in the rickshaw were seriously injured in the traffic accident. With the help of people who arrived at the scene, the police transported all the injured to the hospital by ambulance. Everyone is looked after here.

These people are among the injured

The injured passengers were identified as Raj Kumar (39), Zubaida Khatoon (30), their son Shadab (9 months), Shamrul Nisha (42), Shabina Bano (25), Tara Bano (24) , Hasanpur, Fazlur Rahman (43), Neha (43) 18) Resident of Maniyarpur etc. He is being treated by doctors at the district hospital. On the other hand, seeing Neha’s condition serious, the doctor referred her to Lucknow.

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